Style for every woman.

Introducing VISION: The 20/21 campaign by heroes of healthy hair styling, GlamPalm.

There’s a reason they call it GlamPalm.

The epitome of modern luxury, elegance, sophistication and unparalleled styling, GlamPalm puts glamour in the palm of your hand… ensuing new levels of styling capability for each and every tool wielder. Regardless of skill level or desired outcome.

The secret behind many a stylist, salon owner and client alike, GlamPalm continues to revolutionise the hair game one prized tool at a time; transforming conventional styling into the ultimate healing experience thanks to the brand’s exclusive Healing Stone™ technology.

How? “Each ceramic heat plate is infused with Healing Stone™ elements that balance the natural state of the body, protecting it from free radicals,” shares Managing Director for GlamPalm Australia, Koen Verelst. “A phenomenon that of course, extends to your hair.”

Treated tools ensure hair glides through smoothly and seamlessly, meaning you can achieve your desired result in a simple, snag-less and speedy motion. “The slower the iron or dryer is passed through (or over) the hair, the better the healing capacity,” Koen continues.

“Radiated infrared rays and anions also help to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, for softer, glossier results regardless of hair type,” he adds. “Virtually no damage is incurred to hair and users can see the difference after only a few weeks.”

In short… hair is shinier, silkier and less prone to damage over time. Achievements that, alongside the tools’ collective ironing, tonging and hair-drying capacity, have garnered the brand an army of devotees.

GlamPalm’s latest feat?

Enter, VISION: A new and timely campaign series for 20/21. One that leverages the brand’s undisputed heat styling prowess, a suite of staple power tools and the vision (excuse the pun) and talents of GlamPalm Australia Creative Director, Kobi Bokshish.

Shot entirely in black and white, the classic image series captures the versatility of GlamPalm: the tools, technology and the women who swear by it. “We wanted to capture the essence of what GlamPalm stands for: elegance, passion, luxury and superior styling,” says Koen.

“GlamPalm’s products and leading technology are unparalleled,” he adds. “Having pioneered the world’s first ceramic-coated plates, we know a thing or two about styling, and with our 20/21 campaign VISION, we hope to celebrate the GlamPalm range and user alike.”

“With this campaign series, we really tried to bring something different; to talk to every stylist and consumer, while showcasing the unlimited styling potential of GlamPalm’s range of tools,” shares Kobi of the campaign’s premise.

“Encapsulating the essence of GlamPalm’s signature ‘glamour’, we’ve also tried to mix things up with some fresh shorter cuts, straight and smooth textures, and (perhaps the biggest talking point in hair at the moment!) curls,” he continues.

The goal? To present an array of looks for just about every woman, from your great-aunt right through to the trending millennial; textures and finishes both approachable and affluent, no matter who you are.

All of which come courtesy of GlamPalm’s groundbreaking technology and superior efforts in weight, functionality and airflow – most specifically this season’s campaign heroes, the GlamPalm AirTouch™ hair dryer and GlamPalm Clinic™ Nano-Vibrating hair straightener.

“That’s the beauty of GlamPalm, we create for everybody,” continues Kobi. “We empower hairstylists – and male and female clients alike – with the tools and superior technology to achieve their desired looks with greater ease and a superlative finish.”

Koen agrees; “With GlamPalm, there’s a tool for just about every look, purpose or skill level. From the popular GlamPalm Clinic™ Nano-Vibrating hair straightener… through to the AirTouch™ hairdryer.”

No doubt a favourite, the AirTouch™ is “both incredibly light and fiercely powerful,” informs Koen; “enabling users to control their finish with three unique airflow/heat settings for style that lasts and create healthy hair with lock-in moisture – all with simple touch control.”

“I always finish with my GlamPalm Clinic™ Nano-Vibrating hair straightener,” shares Kobi. “It’s my go-to when styling as it doesn’t damage the hair – and the styles remain until the next wash!”

He concludes, “Overall, the brand’s Healing Stone™ Technology is beyond anything else and truly leaves hair healthy with shine beyond the expected. I also can’t look past The Magic Wand for those gorgeous curls. All made with the highest quality materials in Korea.”

Love your hair, love GlamPalm. The answer to all your styling prayers.

For more information, visit: www.glampalm.com.au

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