GlamPalm is a leader in styling technology, and we’re only continuing to evolve our technology. Not only do we manufacture products, we also invent them – which is what makes the whole thing extra exciting!

Koen Verelst, Managing Director for GlamPalm Australia

The secret behind many a stylist, salon owner and client alike; GlamPalm are revolutionising the hair game one transformative tool at a time.

Their latest innovation?

The all new (all glam) AirTouch. GlamPalm’s most powerful, ergonomical and lightweight hair dryer to date; set to send strands the world over to new and inspired levels of lush. All while eliminating frizz, energy consumption and most importantly, heat damage. And drastically at that.

With its state of the art V12 G7 AirJet motor and a rapid 135km/h windspeed (wowza), the AirTouch is staking its claim as the most powerful hair dryer in Australia – the tools’ air intake doubled so as to only consume a mere 1700W of power. Translation: more power, less energy consumption. A win on all fronts.

Airflow is powered by the brand’s ground-breaking Healing Stone technology and negative ion energy, resulting in hair that’s shinier, silkier and less prone to damage. Drying time drastically reduced, meaning its great for back to back clients and time-poor consumers alike.

Weighing in at a featherlight 386g (that’s less than a standard tub of Vegemite!) the AirTouch is unarguably one of the lightest tools on the market. It’s also functional durable and super sleek – suitable for both left and right hand users thanks to its centrally placed soft touch buttons.

“Its truly revolutionary,” said GlamPalm Creative Director Kobi Bokshish. “The AirTouch is the lightest and most powerful hairdryer in Australia – it only weighs 386 grams – so it’s a real game-changer. It reminds me of those cool old school hairdryers, but faster, lighter and so much easier to use.”

“As a hairdresser, I use a dryer for just about every look and to have something that’s so light makes life so much easier,” he continues. “The windspeed is 135km/h which drastically decreases drying time. It’s comfortable in the hand and the buttons are sleek and soft to touch.”

Available in both a lustrous black and immaculate white finish, the AirTouch also hosts a durable, 3.2m power cord for increased accessibility, meaning restricted styling is a thing of the past. It’s pioneering filter-design motor grants users a lighter, faster and notably quieter drying experience.

Having made its industry debut at Hair Expo this June, pre-orders for the AirTouch are already through the proverbial salon roof… the first batch set for national pre-release in August of 2019. (Don’t miss the July 30 cut off, or you’ll be forced to wait until September!)

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