Each GlamPalm styler is made and manufactured in Seoul, South Korea, across five specialist factories. The first four make the components, and once these are prime and ready to go, they’re sent to a fifth factory for assemblage. Every detail is considered.


From the people who brought you the world’s first ceramic-coated plate comes an all new breed of wonder tool. Enter GlamPalm: the revolutionary hot tool brand transforming conventional styling into the ultimate healing experience.

Having powered some of the most ground-breaking stylers on the planet, GlamPalm’s owners (a Korean based magnate who boast a cool 70% share of the world iron market) were in perfect steed to popularise their own set of bespoke models. A range capable of profoundly elevating styling potential through upgraded technology, enhanced attention-to-detail, and one revolutionary draw card…

That GlamPalm difference? The brand’s exclusively honed and cultivated Healing StoneTM technology which, in concurrence with years of evidence backed research and product development, has ultimately ensued a new world of styling capability; delivering stunning results in a reduced time span, all the while promoting improved hair health and eliminating the prolonged damage so often associated with heat manipulation.

Remarkably, hair is treated during the styling process, meaning tools not only garner visible results, but also improve hair health, vitality and integrity over prolonged usage. “Each ceramic heat plate is infused with Healing StoneTM elements (gathered from GlamPalm’s own mine in Seoul, Korea), which balances the natural state of the body, protecting it from free radicals,” revealed Koen Verelst, Managing Director for GlamPalm Australia. “This phenomenon, of course, extends to your hair.”

Treated plates ensure hair glides through smoothly and seamlessly, meaning you can achieve your desired result in a simple, snag-less sliding motion. “The slower the iron is passed through the hair, the better the healing capacity,” Koen continued. “Moreover, radiated infrared rays and anions help to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, ensuing softer, glossier results, regardless of hair type. The combination of each of these factors ensure virtually no damage is incurred to hair and users can see the difference after only a few weeks.”

Each chic and ergonomically sound tool is crafted with the professional front of mind, ensuring no concern or detail is left to utter chance. Touted as the stylist’s ‘third hand’, each GlamPalm styler is lightweight, minimal in aesthetic and crafted with a custom material grip that’s both perspiration absorbent and comfortable in the hand. Yet another unique innovation: the 3 metre long 3D Swivel Pivot cord that rotates on a 360° axis for increased mobility and styling access.

Each professional styler also boasts a handy LED light with 11 heat settings (allowing users to check tool temperature at a glance), an auto-off safety feature and smart power-saving technology, as well as an affixed rubber appendage that’s perfect for stylists looking to rest their tool down between services. Each tool heats to a prime 200° – in as little as 10 seconds! – with temperature maintaining its consistency from root to tip.

Additionally, such tools as the coveted GlamPalm ClinicTM incorporate the brand’s patented ClinicTM Mode and Nano-Vibration Technology; the former of which may be used to amplify treatments or leave-in conditioners; maintaining an automatic 60° temperature that can work on both damp and dry hair. Similarly, the unique Nano-Vibration Technology ensures heat is circulated inside the hair’s internal structure by administering an incredible 8,000 vibrations per minute.

“GlamPalm is a leader in styling technology, and we’re only continuing to evolve our technology,” shared Koen. “Stockists who purchase GlamPalm are investing in the future of the company, with 70% of our profits going back into R&D. This is how we’re able to facilitate the development of new, and industry-leading technology. Not only do we manufacture products, we also invent them – which is what makes the whole thing extra exciting!”

With close to 30 products currently on portfolio, plus a couple of new developments on the horizon, GlamPalm looks set to strengthen its stance as industry pioneers; granting stylists optimum usability and handling, unrivalled quality and, of course, great, healthy hair.

Hair by Adam Ciaccia

For more information, visit: www.glampalm.com.au