Glampalm provides me with the tools I need to bring my creative visions to life. Their tools are advanced, high quality and reliable, so I know exactly how they will perform each and every time I use them.

Adam Ciaccia, GlamPalm Australia Ambassador

He’s one of the industry’s hottest commodities, with multiple award wins, a thriving Canberra salon and over eighteen-million combined YouTube views to show for it.

Armed with talent, drive and 19 years’ experience, GlamPalm Australia Ambassador Adam Ciaccia is carving a new creative path; fortifying his in- demand status one live-show, international client or viral video at a time.

Here the former NSW Hairdresser of the Year talks collaboration, inspiration and why he chooses GlamPalm.

TJ: What’s new in the world of Adam Ciaccia?

AC: Professionally, it’s been a big year for myself and my salon team. The Axis team has been nominated for multiple awards, most recently finalling in the Telstra Business Awards. I’ve had a huge year filming new creative content for my YouTube channel and am currently in Spain (quite literally as I type!) as part of the Matrix Destination international team.

TJ: Tell us about your artistic partnership with GlamPalm. What first drew you to the brand?

AC: I like to collaborate with brands that are backed by a team that I believe in, and whose creative vision and direction is aligned with my own. I like what GlamPalm stands for, namely innovation and a forward-thinking approach.

TJ: In your opinion, what makes GlamPalm superior to its market competitors?

AC: There are so many good products on the market and GlamPalm is of course no exception. One of GlamPalm’s biggest points of difference is that they offer products of a high quality with a great margin; products that are affordable for salons to stock, and profitable to sell.

TJ: What do you love most about the GlamPalm range?

AC: The superior quality of the products mean they will cause no damage to the clients’ hair, which is so important for a successful salon business. Our job is to support our salon clients to create beautiful, healthy hair – not to damage it with incorrect product use or low-quality heat tools. Aligning with GlamPalm was an easy choice once I experienced the quality of their range.

TJ: GlamPalm stylers are often referred to as the stylist’s ‘third hand’; how do the brand’s tools enhance your styling work both in the salon and on set?

AC: GlamPalm provides me with the tools I need to bring my creative visions to life, both in-salon and on set. Their tools are advanced, high quality and reliable, so I know exactly how they will perform each and every time I use them.

TJ: How have your clients taken to the GlamPalm range of tools and stylers?

AC: My clients’ happiness and satisfaction with our services are of the highest priority to my business. They love the styling and finishes my team create with the GlamPalm range and their feedback has been nothing but positive!

TJ: What’s your favourite tool from the GlamPalm range?

AC: Definitely the GlamPalm Clinic – perfect for all styling!

TJ: What has been one of your favourite memories with GlamPalm to date?

AC: It would have to be the Kobi and Co. show at Hair Expo in 2018.

TJ: This year you hit the 100,000 mark on YouTube, and tipped a mammoth 3 million video views! What does your success in the digital sphere mean to you?

AC: I don’t have an agenda when it comes to the channel. I chose to be a hairdresser, therefore I owe it to myself to be the best human and hairdresser I can be. Via YouTube, I have started a journey of sharing knowledge in the hope of leaving a legacy. I am pleased that the content and education I create resonates with my audience and I that I am delivering something inspiring for them.

TJ: What advice do you have for hairdressers looking to following in your footsteps and/or crack the social market?

AC: Authenticity is key when creating any type of content for social media. If you try to create content by following trends or replicating someone else’s aesthetic, it’s obvious to viewers. Create content that you are passionate about, and that best represents your personal brand. Share your knowledge and expertise without expectation or agenda.

TJ: Where do you feel most creatively inspired; in-salon, on set or in an educational setting?

AC: Each aspect of my working life generates a different inspiration for me. I give as much creative passion to my clients of 20 years as I do an editorial shoot or hair show. I’m fortunate enough to travel the world doing what I love; to visit new places and meet so many different people.

The uniqueness of these places and people never ceases to inspire me; from the shoes of a kid skating in LA to a photo my client shows
me – the inspiration is in the detail of our differences.


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