The proof is in the results; there’s no gimmicks. On shows and shoots the visual outcome is immediate however in salon we’re able to witness clients’ transformations over time. Cuts and colours are enhanced with GlamPalm as clients’ hair quality is improved.

Kobi Bokshish, GlamPalm Creative Director

We caught up with GlamPalm’s Australian Creative Director Kobi Bokshish for an insight into their brand partnership.

There’s no denying he’s a trailblazer. One of our industry’s most beloved figures, Kobi Bokshish is renowned as much for his exuberant stage presence as his technical mastery, creative vision and inspired portfolio of out-of-this-world creations.

All this and a thriving salon in the heart of Bondi Junction. His best kept secret? GlamPalm of course; a creative union bequeathing great hair… and even better stories. Here’s another for the books.

TJ: What first drew you to GlamPalm?

KB: I was first introduced to GlamPalm five years ago at Hair Expo. Needing to borrow an iron, I was given a GlamPalm styler to trial. The rest is history! I fell in love with the quality of the product, the ergonomics and most importantly, the results I experienced with the hair – they were long lasting! The more I began working with the product, the more I wanted to associate with the brand as I truly believe these are the best tools on the market right now.

TJ: Talk us through your role with GlamPalm.

KB: As the Creative Director for GlamPalm Australia, my job is to oversee the creative aspects of the brand – from live shows and brand campaigns right through to education – ensuring all activity remains consistent with our vision; maintaining a high level of quality that reflects the standard of our product.

TJ: How do GlamPalm tools differ from others on the market?

KB: The proof is in the results; there’s no gimmicks. On shows and shoots the visual outcome is immediate however in salon we’re able to witness clients’ transformations over time. Cuts and colours are enhanced with GlamPalm as clients’ hair quality is improved. This is where GlamPalm’s healing stone technology comes in: cuticles are sealed and less susceptible to breakage. Hair condition is preserved and colour less prone to fading. Hair is actually healed as its styled.

TJ: How have your clients taken to the range?

KB: We’ve used GlamPalm in salon for the past five years and our clients love the tools! They love the quality, the ease of styling and the fact that they can experience longer lasting results at home. Each tool comes with a 2 year warranty and is manufactured in the brand’s dedicated factories in Korea – meaning the quality is unparalleled. At GlamPalm customer service and satisfaction are paramount, which is so important to me when recommending to clients. As we always say: ‘I may not be your first, but I’m sure to be your last’. Once you experience the GlamPalm styling difference, there really is no going back

TJ: Favourite tool for first time GlamPalm users?

KB: That’s like asking me to choose my favourite child… I love them all! For clients living busy lifestyles or needing something on the go, the GlamPalm Simple Touch is amazing. One tap and you’re ready to style, in less than ten seconds. Two taps to switch between heat settings. It also turns off automatically. For those after something more high tech, I would recommend the GlamPalm Clinic – it’s a gamechanger. With its Nano-Vibration Technology, curls last longer and straightened hair is shinier and healthier. It also has the Clinic Mode which brings the temperature down to 60 degrees for treatment; it’s the first styler in the world to offer this feature. Treatment is applied before ironing clients’ hair on Clinic Mode, helping the product to penetrate as close to the cuticle as possible. It’s a must have for every salon (we use it for 99 percent of styling) and it’s great for at home use.

TJ: Tell us about GlamPalm’s new AirTouch hairdryer. We heard it’s a gamechanger…

KB: I had the privilege of road-testing it at Hair Expo and I can tell you its truly revolutionary. The AirTouch is the lightest and most powerful hairdryer in Australia (it only weighs 386 grams) so it’s a real gamechanger. As a hairdresser, I use a dryer for just about every look and to have something that’s so light – especially when you’re styling clients back to back in salon – makes life so much easier. It’s also incredibly fast; the windspeed is 135km/h which drastically decreases drying time. It’s comfortable in the hand and the buttons are sleek and soft to touch – it reminds me of those cool old school hairdryers, but faster, lighter and so much easier to use!

TJ: Outside of the salon, how does GlamPalm empower you both on stage and behind the scenes?

KB: When I’m working on my collections or preparing for a show, one of the most important elements is heat control, and GlamPalm allows you to easily shift between temperatures depending on your purpose. Sometimes I will need to style on high heat whereas others I will need to use a lower setting to protect the integrity of hair and any additional wefts or features I might be using. The low setting is also great for setting looks and creating that bit of polish. The possibilities are truly endless.