ghd helios professional hairdryer (RRP $290 AU) with professional diffuser (RRP: $40 AU | $42 NZ)
professional detangling comb nozzle (RRP: $35 AU | $38 NZ)
professional wide styling nozzle (RRP: $35 AU | $38 NZ)
left to right: professional diffuser, professional detangling comb nozzle, ghd helios professional hairdryer with professional wide styling nozzle

Benefactors of many a good hair day, ghd prove their eternal prowess once again, unveiling three new styling attachments for the coveted helios® professional hairdryer.

Developed by ghd’s renowned Research and Development team in Cambridge, alongside a lineup of top physicists, engineers and styling professionals; the ghd helios® boasts ultra-powerful drying and increased styling control, making it both the perfect kit addition and beauty cabinet staple for hairstylists and at-home users alike.

The brand’s lightest, fastest and most precise hairdryer yet, the 2020 launched ghd helios® joins an enviable roster of styling must-haves – from the brand’s groundbreaking oracle® curler through to their back-by-popular-demand glide® hot brush and beyond – tools that reinforce ghd’s status as true global leaders in heat styling technology.

In a move elevating the user styling experience to new and unprecedented levels of luxe (did you expect anything less?), ghd now welcomes three new professional nozzle attachments to the ghd helios® portfolio, enabling even more refined and controlled hair styling across a variety of hair textures and lengths.

Available 1st July 2020, these attachments are the perfect addition to your hairdressing kit suitable for backstage and session styling, salon hairdressing and everything in between. Thanks to their ease and versatility, they also mark the perfect add-on for salon retail sales simply clip-on to your ghd helios® and youre good to go.

First up? The professional diffuser; a nifty tool thatperfect for enhancing natural curls (in case you hadnt heard: natural curls are among the biggest trends in hair at the moment). An upgrade on ghds pre-existing model, the new recruit boasts an adaptor ring that enables use across both the ghd Airhairdryer and the ghd Helios®.

Next up? The professional detangling comb nozzle; a specialist tool designed to meet the needs of afro and textured hair types. Custom made to gently lift, shape and smooth naturally textured, curly or coiled hair the professional comb nozzle hosts a double row of strengthened teeth, tapered to easily comb through hair for natural results.

Haven’t got textured hair? This is also the perfect attachment to use to prep & smooth your hair, eliminating knots and tangles before styling. And for those clients who may struggle to blowdry their hair with dryer in one hand and brush in the other – problem solved!

Last but not least, the professional wide styling nozzle; the perfect tool for drying longer, thick hair in a faster time frame. Designed for speed drying, this attachment helps to maintain precise styling control with an extended 88mm width ensuring concentrated airflow and enabling the styling of larger sections for shinier, smoother results.

The ghd helios® is the result of listening to what our professional stylists and consumers want and developing a technology which meets those desires and takes the styling experience to a whole new level,shares Ludovic Dellazzeri, Managing Director of ghd anz.

The ghd helios® not only delivers ultra-powerful speed drying and a lighter styling experience, it also leaves the hair smoother and shinier and eliminates frizz and fly-aways,he continues.

Now, our new range of nozzle attachments are a seamless extension to enable even more precise styling results for a variety of hair textures and styling needs. Whatever your need, whether its speed drying, a lighter blow-drying experience, or superior results and shinier, smoother hair, the ghd helios hairdryer and nozzle range delivers.

Culminating 120,000 hours of testing and development, the ghd helios® hosts a lightweight, long-life brushless motor thats been expert designed for increased speed creating a powerful, yet highly concentrated airflow that travels at an impressive 120kmh. The result? Fabulous hair and reduced styling time to boot. A win on all fronts.

The ghd helios® harnesses the unique power of Aeroprecis™ technology, allowing for intuitive styling with more precise temperature and airflow control – for smoother, salon-quality results with 30% more shine*. Thanks to advanced ionic technology, users can also experience reduced frizz and flyaways for an impeccable finish.**

The ghd helios® comes standard with a narrow nozzle which is created in one mould. Why is this important? When standard nozzles are manufactured they are made in 2 halves and then stuck together. This creates ridges inside, which can disturb the airflow. With ghd’s smooth, contoured nozzle the airflow is concentrated precisely allowing for better hair alignment and creating smooth, sleek and shiny results.

With its bespoke acoustic system technology, users can ditch that all too familiar deafening in favour of a more refined blow-dry experience, regardless of the setting. Available in four statement hues (blue, white, black and plum); each hair-dryer comes gilded with luxurious metallic accents ensuring your tool both looks and feels the (regal) part.

Whether you’re seeking quick, sleek and smooth results, or a voluminous bombshell blow-dry (capable of rivalling even the most seasoned of session-styled strands); the ghd helios® is your chic and oh so mighty go-to for professional and at-home styling alike. So, give your blow-dry the royal treatment… you know you want to.

Learn more about the ghd helios® and extended product range:

* Technical testing, 2019, vs naturally dried hair.

* Consumer testing on 101 women vs. their regular hairdryer, Jan 2019.

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