Benefactors of many a good hair day, ghd are continuing to raise the hair stakes, with an all new (all glam) styling tool.

Enter the ghd glide: the brand’s first professional hot brush that tames and smooths hair quickly and effortlessly, for that elusive just ‘rolled out of bed’ tousle – minus the styling time.

Because, who doesn’t want more time in bed?

Perfect for the second day styler (or just about any one for that matter) this limited edition wonder tool glides through dry hair in a matter of seconds, giving you more time to catch up on sleep, or binge watch your latest Netflix fling.

Using dual action ceramic technology, the ghd glide heats to an optimum 185°C, ensuring locks not only look the part, they’re also less prone to heat damage. On top of this, the ioniser restores balance back into hair, eliminating frizz and creating a smooth, glossy finish.

Debuting the tool to a selection of editor’s, influencers and industry insiders was ghd Creative Director and editorial stylist extraordinaire Richard Kavanagh, who guided guests through the unique science behind the new tool.

“The ghd glide uses dual ceramic technology, heating to an optimum 185°C – the perfect temperature for styling hair,” said Richard. “A higher temperature will result in damaged cuticles. Any lower, and you won’t experience results.”

“Another amazing piece of technology is the ioniser, which enhances the performance of the product. Negative ions serve to close the cuticle layer, and closing the cuticle locks in moisture to create a beautiful shine and finish.”

With regards to the tool’s unique design technology, Richard reveals; “The ghd glide has two bristle layers. The longer bristles are not heated and serve to detangle and glide through hair. There’s also a compact row of heated bristles, which create amazing tension to style hair into shape. It really is like magic…”

No doubt a game changer, the new (and limited edition) ghd glide is available through selected stockists and salons across Australia.

Get in quick.


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