Proving no two strands are the same, warriors for diversity (and good hair): Evo welcome five new, curl-centric staples to their thriving product portfolio. Guaranteed to enhance curls of all types and temperaments.

Dont believe us? Just ask Evo Creative Director (and curl connoisseur) Lauren McCowan who frustrated with an evident lack of market diversity, set about creating a range that could cater to all curl types and textures while providing the enhanced care and nourishment such hair types so sorely need. The focus was to really promote and nurture curl inclusivity,shares Lauren.

Looking at the market for curly hair products (and having trialed basically every product myself) I was really disappointed by what was on offer,she continues. With so many SKUs (making things wildly confusing for stylist and client alike) I wanted to simplify the process; to limit the range to five simple products that could be used on all curly hair types: from loose waves through to tight coils.

With natural texture among this decades most observed hair trends (and an ever-growing need for curl-specific hair care and education) the decision was a no-brainer for the trailblazers at Evo: create a simple range of hero care and styling products that work on an array of curly hair clients. No muss, no fussand certainly no false promises. As is the Evo mantra.

As with its predecessors, the range is also void of sulphates, parabens, propylene, glycol and other chemical nasties meaning it wont harm your hair, nor the environment.

Designed to empower, enhance and hero natural curl patterns, the Evo curl collection will have you and your clients living your very best curly-hair-lives (à la Ms McCowan) in no time. And with a mass shift towards authentic, un-filtered and inclusive beauty in the hair world and beyondour bet is this is good news.

Keen to learn more? Check out the full product breakdown below:


Perfect for once-a-week application, the Springsclean deep clean rinse removes buildup of product, dirt and excess oil, without stripping away moisture (which curly hair tends to lack) or colour. A deep clean rinse (with a lightweight gel formula), Springsclean detoxes the scalp, cutting through buildup and debris to restore hair to its healthiest state. With a mixture of coco glucoside, jojoba oil and hydrolysed quinoa, Springsclean strengthens, protects and resets curls creating a refreshed base that leaves hair clean, but not dry.


Next up? The Heads Will Roll co-wash; a conditioning shampoo thats prime for more frequent use (i.e. between deep cleans). Offering a gentle clean and welcome hydration, this staple boasts a low-foam, moisturising formula that helps to improve curl manageability. Much like a treatment cleanser, Heads Will Roll moisturises both the scalp and hair. Applied to wet hair, the product may be worked through with a comb or fingers for maximum distribution. Rinse and repeat (and repeat again for tighter curls) for optimum results.


Perfect for thirsty curls, Baby Got Bounce moisturises, repairs and restructures curls while supporting the natural curl pattern providing the ideal styling foundation for all curl textures. An intense, three-minute rinse out, this hero boasts a fine spray formula, allowing you to apply the necessary amount for your respective curl type. It also grants users more control and less product wastage. With active ingredients, and no fillers, Baby Got Bounce is the answer to your curly hair prayers; easy to use and profoundly curl friendly!


Described as the ultimate curl wingman, Evos iconic Liquid Rollers curl balm has been reformulated with one little differencea dreamy new scent! Globally revered for its lightweight, nourishing consistency, this fan-favourite works to protect and against frizz (while retaining moisture) working to enhance all curl types. Think of it like a hydrating canvas for your curls. Liquid Rollers enhances the natural curl pattern, without weighing hair down, and can also be applied to dried ends for a daily moisture top-up.


Last but certainly not least, welcome Total Recoil. A product almost as cool as its name, this definer works to activate natural curl patterns for enhanced definition mining the frizz. Its also void of the sticky and crunchy residue that tends to accompany most strong hold products and can be twisted, dried and worked into shape. Its also water-soluble, meaning it wont create unnecessary build up over time.  For best results, apply Total Recoil to damp hair, twist curls into shape and diffuse dry into place. Et voila.

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