Hot on the heels of their limited edition glide brush, the hair heroes at ghd have debuted an all new wonder tool, set to revolutionise curling among stylists and clients alike.

There’s a reason they call it the Oracle.

From its smooth, sleek façade to its outstanding (nay, jaw-dropping) curling capacity, ghd’s latest incarnation ushers a new and welcome revolution in heat styling; promising buoyant, bountiful and effortless curls in but one sweeping motion.

We kid you not.

Culminating six years of research (and over 675,000 hours of testing) ghd’s new addition is the first to harness the brand’s patented curl zone technology, alternating both the styling power of heat with the setting effects of cooling to create a variety of shapely, long lasting curls on a myriad of hair texture types.


Through a simple stroke motion (not dissimilar to that used in straightening) hair is passed through a unique U shaped barrel that, unlike the brand’s original styler, houses four ceramic plates. Curls are first shaped via the heating zone before being flash cooled in the curl zone; instantly setting freshly formed curls for longer lasting results.

As with its predecessors, the Oracle maintains an optimal temperature of 185°C, allowing hair to enter the elusive ‘glass transition phase’ (a material’s most malleable condition) allowing for hair to be styled safely and without heat damage.

An added bonus: the Oracle’s barrier-positioned cool zone is, well, cool to touch (65° to be precise)… meaning it can be placed in close proximity to the hair root for increased styling efficiency, thereby drastically minimising the risk of burning.

Enhancing the tool’s capability a further ten-fold (or infinity-fold, if you’re counting) the Oracle can be tilted at different angles to create varying curl shapes and/or waves, meaning both stylists and clients alike can create an endless array of curl shapes depending on their mood.

Picture everything from textured, beach girl waves to tight uniform curls with a Hollywood polish. The possibilities are truly endless.

“As with all of ghd’s tools, there have been no compromises in quality,” shared Managing Director for ghd ANZ, Ludovic Dellazzeri. “The result of robust testing (and six years of research), the Oracle creates and sets curls with ease; marrying technical capability with [an increased regard for] hair health.”

Launched to an exclusive selection of ghd partner salons, clients looking to purchase the ghd Oracle are first guided though a 15-20 minute consultation, in which their stylists shares the tool’s function and capabilities.

“The ghd Oracle is great for the consumer [however it requires] proper education to make sure that their end result is perfect,” continues Ludovic.”That is the ghd way. We want to equip our consumers with knowledge [so] we’ve picked our top salons committed to education.”

“I love the ghd Oracle; it’s an absolute dream,” shares ghd Ambassador and Royals Hair owner Mary Alamine. “Not only is it innovative, but it’s so unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s a tool that’s great for the stylist, but it is also easy for clients to use at home.”

“We were lucky to be among the first exclusive salons to stock the Oracle in Australia, and the demand has been huge,” said Mary. “One of the best things about the Oracle is that it allows for a personalised experience.”

“Our stylists love sitting down with their clients and teaching them how to use it properly and effectively. Clients are blown away by how easy it is to use. Once they begin experimenting with different techniques and curl types, they realise just how limitless it is.”

A gift from the hair gods.