Wella Professionals release their brand new line SP ReVerse, turning back the clock by restoring the hair structure and regenerating hair suppleness. 

As sand slips through the hourglass visible signs of ageing arise in our hair as they would on our face (don’t shoot, we are just the messenger). 

Like the five stages of grief, there are the five signs of ageing which are equally as confronting. 

These five signs rear their unattractive heads after years of exposure to unavoidable external and environmental factors. 

Sign 1. Going Grey: With an increase in grey level, hair colour fades due to the decrease in melanocyte activity, which is just a fancy way of saying your colour pigment is diminishing. 

Sign 2. Shape Shifting:  An imbalance occurs inside the hair follicle disrupting the cell distribution, hair becomes unruly, and an increase in hair curvature occurs. 

Sign 3. Mass Exodus: Due to the hair cycle changing, a decrease in hair density arises as fallen follicles are not reproduced and replaced as they once were. 

Sign 4. Crumbling Composition: As hormonal changes in the body occur a decrease in lipid secretion can cause the scalp to dry and become sensitive. 

Sign 5. Thick to Thin: Thinning occurs as changes in the follicle and the condition of the scalp impact the diameter of the hair. 

Fighting the good fight for youthful and vibrant hair the all-new SP ReVerse from Wella Professionals wages war against ageing hair. 

“Like stepping back in time… the new SP ReVerse line by Wella Professionals transforms hair back to a vibrantly youthful look and feel” 

The new ReVerse vitamin technology at the heart of this line targets the five signs of ageing with its specialised vitamin complex, which includes Sea Kelp and Caffeine.

Sea Kelp: A natural source of vitamins and minerals that contains an abundance of reparative iodine that aids the restoration of the hair’s youthful flexibility and suppleness. 

Caffeine: Known for its penetrative benefits in the human skin that boost skin cell metabolism this wonder ingredient also stimulates the scalp to promote hair follicle growth. 

Four anti-ageing products round out the all new SP ReVerse to replenish and give you the crowning glory you so deserve. 

The 3 Minute Hair Regenerating Treatment kicks off the range. This pre-shampoo treatment penetrates the scalp to stimulate hair follicle growth. 

Following suit is the Regenerating Shampoo. Gentle in its cleansing, it restores the hair to its original youthful state and is ideal for daily use.

The Regenerating Spray Conditioner is next, a hybrid formula that covers all the bases; care, protection and body.

Finish in luxury with the Intensive Mask. Designed to provide some much needed TLC for stressed and damaged strands, this intensive treatment restores hair suppleness and shine. 

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