Queens of good hair, ghd prove their styling prowess once again with the release of the new helios professional hairdryer.

Hailed as their lightest, fastest (and most functional) professional hairdryer yet, the ghd helios joins a covetable roster of styling must-haves – from the 2019 launched Oracle through to their back-by-popular-demand glide brush – reinforcing the brand’s global status as leaders in heat styling technology.

Developed by ghd’s industry-leading Cambridge Research and Development lab alongside a team of top physicists, engineers and styling professionals, the ghd helios boasts an ultra-powerful drying capacity and increased styling control, making it both the perfect kit addition and beauty cabinet staple for hairstylists and at-home users alike.

Culminating 120,000 hours of testing (and a number of honed prototypes), ghd’s newest addition hosts a lightweight, long-life brushless motor that’s not only designed for speed, but also capable of creating a powerful, yet highly concentrated airflow –  that travels at an impressive 120kmh. The result? Hair is tamed and styling time drastically reduced.

A true win for all.

“The ghd helios is the result of listening to what our professional stylists and consumers want and [in turn] developing a technology which meets those desires and takes the styling experience to a whole new level,” shares Ludovic Dellazzeri (managing director of ghd anz) of the brand’s newest recruit.

“We could see there was a need for a hairdryer which is both lighter and faster but doesn’t compromise on hair health,” he continues. “Our new ghd helios not only delivers ultra-powerful speed drying and a lighter styling experience, it also leaves the hair smoother and shinier and eliminates frizz and fly-aways.”

Because, who doesn’t want smoother, shinier hair… and a reduced styling time?

Harnessing the unique power of Aeroprecis™ technology, the ghd helios hosts a bespoke contoured nozzle (for concentrated temperature and airflow distribution), increased precision control and improved styling results (hair is 30% shinier!) making the elusive salon blow-dry more attainable than ever before.

Sweeting the deal just that bit more? The ghd helios’ bespoke acoustic system which, thanks to assemblage of internal impellers for reduced air turbulence, make for lower sound levels and a more refined blow-drying experience. A massive plus for busy stylists, salon-goers and at-home users alike.

“Hairdryers are not only imperative to everyday salon use, they’re also the most commonly used hot tool by Australian women as well,” says Grant Norton, national education manager, ghd anz. “Research shows that consumers want a hairdryer which is lighter, faster and fights frizz – but it also shows that 56% of Australian women don’t know how to properly blow-dry their hair and simply resort to blast drying.”

With regards to the tool’s unique Aeroprecis™ technology Grant adds, “Our Aeroprecis™ technology means not only will stylists get better results than ever before, but your less-skilled clients will also have better styling control, giving them better results at home too.”

“ghd helios will be a game changer for professional stylists and consumers alike, transforming hairdryers from a commodity into an object of desire,” adds Ludovic. “Whatever your need, whether it’s speed drying, a lighter blow-drying experience, or superior results and shinier, smoother hair, the ghd helios delivers.”

Available in four statement hues – blue, white, black and crimson – each hairdryer comes gilded with luxurious metallic accents, ensuring your tool looks and feels the (regal) part. Each purchase of the ghd helios is also backed by a two year professional use warranty – yet another win for buyers.

Whether you’re after quick, sleek and smooth results or a voluminous, bombshell blow-dry, the new ghd helios looks set to be your are go-to for professional and at-home styling.

Your blow-dry gets the royal treatment.


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