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Aveda, the renowned high-performance vegan hair care brand, held its first-ever regional event, ‘HAIR REIMAGINED. ARTISTRY AND BEYOND.’, in Tokyo, Japan on March 15th. The event took place at the modern Warehouse TERRADA, which was transformed into an interactive space, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for over 400 guests from around the world, including key global influencers, media partners, and Aveda salon artists.

The event kicked off with an illustrative experience of Aveda’s brand story, from its founding mission to care for the world, give back to society, and set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility. Aveda Corporation’s recent B Corp certification was highlighted as a milestone in its purpose-driven heritage. Aveda’s commitment to holistic beauty, innovation, and breaking boundaries was showcased through a simulated “Aveda Biotech Naturals lab,” where guests could visualize the green chemistry and natural biotechnology that drives continuous breakthroughs in botanical research, product formulas, and innovation at Aveda. The brand’s key innovations, including its award-winning scalp solutions, botanical repairTM, invati advancedTM, and nutriplenishTM collections, were artistically displayed, showcasing Aveda’s commitment to high-performance, vegan products.

The event also focused on the sensory journey of beauty as wellness. Guests underwent a hair and scalp check to receive an analysis of their scalp condition and suggested treatment regimen. Aveda’s use of aroma to promote holistic balance and well-being was highlighted through Aromaology, where guests could experience different Aveda aromas made with 100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. A Chakra Journey invited guests to discover the power of aroma to shift their personal energy centers, known to influence well-being and beauty in Ayurveda, and ended with a ‘Chakra Shower’ to find balance between the mind and body through an exercise of aroma, breathing, and simple meditation. Virtual hair color try-on technology allowed guests to creatively explore different looks with Aveda’s professional vegan treatment hair color, and VIP treatment booths offered personalized salon services, including hair and scalp diagnoses, signature Rituals of Renewal, and personalized hair styling using Aveda products.

The event culminated in a theatrical showcase of Aveda’s renowned professional artistry, featuring looks, collections, and cut, color, and styling techniques from key Aveda Artists, including Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Professional Global Artistry, Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director of Hair Color, Masa Honda, Creative Director of Aveda Japan, and salon partners from across the Asia Pacific region. Global brand speakers, including Aveda’s senior executives, shared insights and vision that have brought lasting success to Aveda through artistry, botanical science, sustainability advancements, product innovation, and wellness experiences.

Notably, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of Aveda in Japan, making the event a celebration of the brand’s commitment to this market and the exciting future ahead. The ‘HAIR REIMAGINED. ARTISTRY AND BEYOND.’ event truly brought Aveda’s mission of making a positive impact in the world and redefining luxury through naturally-derived vegan formulas and product performance to life. Aveda continues to care for the three “homes” you have in the world – your body, the people you love, and the planet you live on. With its unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and artistry, Aveda remains a trailblazer in the hair care industry.

Have a bad case of FOMO? Step inside the breathtaking HAIR REIMAGINED.ARTISTRY AND BEYOND event, here.