Why Not? Hilary Duff Lives the Blonde Life with Joico

“On a bright and sunny day in “la la land” one actress, with a sunny-disposition of her own, went bright too – icy-blonde bright! Actress and star of TV Land’s hit Younger, Hilary Duff has come a long way from her colorful Disney days… About nine levels long, if you count the amazing icy-blonde look she now sports, thanks to Joico’s new Blonde LifeTM Lightening and Brightening System – a line of color-care and a (in-salon service only) lightening powder – and the masterful hands of Riawna Capri, celebrity hairstylist and owner of West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One salon.

Her popular cable-network show’s called Younger, and now her hair is in that category, too, as Hilary agreed to let color superstar, Riawna Capri, take her to an all-new blonde high with Joico’s Blonde Life line–a collection that not only boasts a powerfully quick and safe Lightener, but a Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque to keep that gleam going long after you leave the salon. We hung around the set to get the full scoop on this awesome transformation from client and colorist:

Q: Why take the plunge? “After a long hiatus from filming, Hilary was ready for a change–something bright, beige, and cool that knocked the grow-out, out of the park. We got there with Blonde Life Lightening Powder, plus toner from Joico’s LumiShineTM color line. It was a big change for her, but she loved it.”

Q: Was it hard to keep this busy star in the chair for so long? “The new Blonde Life System is so lightning-fast–nine levels of lift with no damage.”

Q: How did you sell Hilary on the new products? “Didn’t have to. Hilary LOVES the shampoo! After washing her hair with it once, she said her hair felt conditioned even before using any conditioner.”

Q: What about maintenance? “The secret trick is using the at-home products that are the cornerstone of the system. Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque are going to keep Hilary’s hair bright and light – not dull and dingy – all the way to her next appointment. The formulas fight brassiness and maintain tone without any violet ingredients. Now that’s magic!”

Q: Secret tricks? “I’m always extra-careful when foiling. In Hilary’s case, I applied Joico’s reparative Blonde Life Brightening Masque on the light ends of the hair to protect them during the color service.”

Q: What blew your mind about Blonde Life? “I didn’t use shine products. I didn’t use a leave-in conditioner, or a serum, and it was, ‘amazingly shiny,’ she said. “I bleached the heck out of her hair, and it felt so good, I didn’t even have to trim her! And again, the shampoo alone was so conditioning even prior to applying the conditioner!”

Q: The star’s reaction at the end of the day? “My hair’s sunny and bold and makes me feel bubbly and happy! Blondes definitely get more attention!” exclaimed the star.” Joico

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Hilary Duff x Joico


Re-create Riawna’s cool-blonde color for Hilary on your own clients. Here’s the how-to direct from celebrity colorist herself:

Starting level is between a 5-6. Use full foil highlights and baby-lights with alternating developer.

Start with Blonde Life Lightener + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer (mixed 1:1) in the back of the head, then move to the front of the occipital and highlight with Blonde Life Lightener + 30 Volume LumiShine Developer (mixed 1:1).

Check your foils for a light pale blonde at 30 minutes then every 5 minutes until desired shade is reached. After the full head has highlights, choose some random ends of the hair that are left out of the foils, paint with Blonde Life Lightener + 10 Volume LumiShine Developer. For the remaining ends apply our new Blonde Life Masque treatment. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove foils, rinse, and shampoo with Blonde Life Shampoo.

Tone the hair with LumiShine Liquid Demi Permanent Gloss 9NV + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer from scalp to ends-process for 10 minutes. Rinse, and shampoo with Blonde Life Shampoo, and finish with the Blonde Life Masque for 5 minutes.

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