There are many elements that make up the perfect colour. From a soft, shiny finish to colour that remains intense over time, there is a long list of requirements to fulfil if you’re claiming to deliver on this claim… And the haircare experts at Alfaparf Milano are addressing them all with two lines that perfectly cater to both the blonde and brunette experience.

The colour connoisseurs at ALFAPARF MILANO have just launched their Color Wear Gloss Toner line, which focuses exclusively on the blonde experience and many different opportunities one has to explore within this spectrum. From balayage to ombré, shatush to shadow roots, this line of Arginine-based liquid toners were specifically developed to deliver the perfect blonde every time… Regardless of how it’s interpreted. 

Through utilising Arginine, a natural alkalizing agent, the Colour Wear Gloss Toner Range is able to remain free from ammonia and ethanolamine. Vegan and boasting an invitingly fruit fragrance, the range offers 22 exclusive shades developed to meet every blonde’s individual needs and a complete Blonde Menu offering seven services dedicated to the blonde experience.

“The blonde experience isn’t just about being blonde or going completely platinum,” says Jacqui of the range. “Blonding is the most versatile colour experience you can live, and is all about lightening and brightening and contouring the face area.”

She continues, “What sets the Color Wear Gloss Toners apart is that they are based on Arginine Patented Technology: a naturally derived alkalizing agent replacing common chemicals such as Ammonia and MEA (ethanolamine). Arginine is a natural amino acid which is already present in hair which makes it work in synergy with the hair. 

“Color Wear Gloss Toners also have an amazing natural ingredient – apple vinegar – that repairs and restructures the hair while it is being toned! This enables colouring to be extremely gentle without compromising on maximum performance.”

“ALFAPARF Milano is all about the integrity and condition of the hair, and ensures that every hairdresser has the latest tools of the trade to be confident in creating their very own blonding experience.”

Jacqui Germanos, ALFAPARF MILANO Marketing Manager Australia

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And that’s not all, folks! Catering to both the blondes and brunettes looking to maintain perfect colour, the recently launched Semi di Lino promises to unlock hair for your client that shines with authentic beauty. Addressing the needs of every client, the Semi di Lino line activates three original technologies that seamlessly work together to take care of your clients hair. 

The Urban Defence Pro offers an anti-pollution shield that provides total protection whilst the Shine Fix Complex delivers 24 hours of brightening power for long lasting shine and the Color Fix Complex works alongside this to prolong the beauty of the colour with UV filter and antioxidant.

“ALFAPARF Milano ensures that every hairdresser has the latest tools of the trade to be confident in creating their very own blonding experience,” says Jacqui Germanos, ALFAPARF MILANO’s Australian Marketing Manager. “They have just released the new Semi di Lino Blonde & Brunette range to maintain the perfect neutralised shades of blonde and brunette.”

As to how the lines differ, so as to ensure tailored care to the blonde and brunette experiences? Jacqui continues, “Semi di Lino Blonde enhances blonde and silver hair, both natural and bleached,” she says. The specific active in the Blonde and Brunette range that makes it stand out from the rest: Blue Light Shield specific active ingredient from natural origin counteracts the negative effects of blue light on the hair to prolong brightness and colour intensity. This is a new technology in hair care that protects strands from blue light such as Screens, iPads, PCs, our mobile phones,  fluorescent lights and everyday UV light. “The products are enriched with violet ash pigment to neutralize unwanted yellow tones and, thanks to Blonde Recovery, an active ingredient made with carob seed extract, this line gives the hair vigor and hydration leaving it soft and shiny.”

For dark hair, ALFAPARF MILANO has created the Semi di Lino Brunette line which is guaranteed to perfectly neutralize unwanted orange tones thanks to the ash pigment. Brunette Recovery, the active ingredient made with date extract, ensures the hair fiber is deeply nourished and revitalized for hair with color that always shines.”

With a range this extensive, you can rest assured that your search for the perfect colour has come to an end. 

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