Day Four

Show Day, Chicago

The big show day is finally here!! We woke up at 4.30am feeling fresh and energetic for the day ahead. At 5.30am we headed to the Convention Centre to start preparation at 6:00am. All hands were on deck to prep 12 models for the up coming shows. At 10:00am we had to round up everyone for the first gig, which was a master class seminar.


The team headed to the other side of the Convention Centre for room check and audio check, as well as last minute rehearsals. The seminar commenced at 11:00am with 100 enthusiastic attendees. We shared seven models, which wore a variety of looks, ranging from commercial to fashion forward. I demonstrated a short edgy haircut, executed with precision and whilst also incorporating advanced disconnection. Melvin Royce lane demonstrated both a beautiful and commercial graduated bob, which demonstrated a long disconnected teardrop length through the front. Vic Piccolotto explained all of the color techniques the team utilized and gave advice on how to create interesting color formulas.


The primary objective of this whole seminar was to keep everything real and relevant to commercial salon looks. At 1:00pm the 90-minute seminar was over and we had to run back to the prep room – with less than an hour to transform some of the models from master class and finish off the remaining models. There was a high energy level and we managed to arrive backstage at 2:45 pm ready for our primary show – ABS main stage and runway at 3:00pm.


As the principle headliner and leading international artist, personally invited by America’s Beauty Show to grace the stage, this was make or break time. How will the huge audience members react to our show? I believe my team and I produced the most amazing 45 min presentation, which was educational, informative, inspirational and entertaining. The audience members’ energy was captivating and the appreciation and applause they showed all of us was outstanding. At 4:00pm we immediately headed to for another exclusive media interview -where we presented some of our models for the booth. Lastly, to top the day off, the Stylist Choice Awards kicked off at 8:00pm. It was a full house – another 3000 people – and at 9.30 pm I had the honour of presenting one of the awards for night – for favorite overall colour company. After a huge 18-hour day we finished off at 11:00pm and crashed into our beds.




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