With more clients than ever taking to TikTok as their primary source of styling inspo, it’s handy to have a point of reference as to what one can expect in terms of requests for the upcoming season. We’ve seen ’00s bobs, shullets aplenty and curtain bangs come and go as the algorithms usher in the latest and greatest in hair and beauty. Curious as to what to expect as the weather starts to warm, and trends inevitably change? Here, we rounded up the hottest trending styles sure to flood your salon this Spring.


As mentioned in our chat with social media superstar Billie Jean from Sydney’s QUE COLOUR last week, their take on the TikTok-beloved butterfly cut has now racked up over 20 MILLION views with countless other butterfly cut inspo videos flooding FYPs.


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♬ Dancing Queen – ABBA

Double Glazed Hair

Another hot trend taking over timelines? Double glazed hair, favouring optimal shine taken to the next level. But lets be honest with ourselves, does shine ever really go out? We’re particularly loving this milk chocolate inspired double glaze, and predict huge demand in coming months.


maybe my fave video of the year #fyp #glazedbrunette #wella

♬ It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Scandi Hairline

As we move into summer, there’s no doubt that the requests for lightened locks with start flooding through the salon. For clients forever chasing that next level blonde, this Scandi hairline technique is sure to impress and will take them from brassy to Barbie in no time.


for the blonde who can never be blonde enough #hairlinebump #scandihairline #fyp

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Latte Hair

Move over latte makeup, there’s a new sheriff in town. Riffing off the beloved TikTok makeup trend, latte hair is going to be huge for brunettes wanting to add a little springtime lightness to their locks. Coffee lovers, rejoice.


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