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The union that has flowered between Redken and First Nations Fashion & Design (FNFD) is certainly one to watch. Boasting a long, strong history with fashion alignments, it is only natural that Redken – a brand synonymous with fashion – look to partner with new and emerging designers. 

Partnerships such as the one forged with FNFD allow Redken to work alongside First Nations creatives in developing pathways that will help to navigate the challenges of the Australian fashion industry. Whilst simultaneously re-establishing their own position as the brand of choice for diehard beauty and fashion fans. 

With education a core pillar for Redken, building a platform for young and emerging First Nations artists to fulfil their potential is a driving force behind this exciting partnership with FNFD. 

FNFD is dedicated to supporting the growth of the Indigenous Fashion sector. A national voice, FNFD represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, creating ongoing access to opportunities, skill development, and industry engagement. FNFD is working toward a self-sustaining ecosystem of First Nations creatives across the fashion industry. 

The artistry currently growing within FNFD  and fueled by the beauty prowess of Redken can only mean beautiful things lay in the future for this fruitful meeting of creative forces. 

From fashion weeks to cover shoots such as this one (as featured in our TJM ICONS Issue, available for purchase here), we celebrate the beautiful ongoing partnership between Redken and FNFD.

Fashion Credits:

@aarlifashion Murralull Manawan (eucalyptus tree) shoulder pieces, symbolic of the species in the Kimberley’s extraordinary ability to draw gold deposits from the soil and transfer them into their leaves.

@ikuntjiartists ‘Going for Gold’ dress
A warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that the following caption contains the name of a person who is deceased.

Artwork by #alicenampitjinpadixon

Artwork Tjikamala Rockholes; depicting Takupalangu west of Kintore. Nampitjinpa paints her father’s country of rockholes (puli) and sandhills (tail).

Maker @sewnbyindri

@paul.mccann_art Floral Gumnut Tuxedo Jacket
In partnership with @first.nations.fashion.design

@ngumpie_weaving Custom Designed Headpiece
In partnership with @first.nations.fashion.design

@ikuntjiartists Cape Dress
Artwork by #EuinceNapanangkaJack
Artwork – Kuruyuktu; which depicts her father’s Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). It shows the country at Kuruyultu, near Tjukurrla in Western Australia.

In partnership with @first.nations.fashion.design