Immerse yourself in the breathtaking, groundbreaking artistry that is the POD BY ECOHEADS x THE JOURNAL MAG cover shoot.

A world-first in professional hair colour has landed and it’s here to make money, preserve water and protect the health of hairdressers. No developer required… Just water. Leaders in sustainable salon solutions, ECOHEADS has announced the launch of new colour delivery system, P.O.D.

“P.O.D is a never before seen category for the hairdressing industry – in essence it’s a range of concentrated ecopods that deliver cleansers, tone on tone colour and treatments through the ECOHEADS Showerhead. It has opened a whole new world of service, time saving and revenue development opportunities,” starts P.O.D Brand Director Lauren McCowan.

“The system has never existed before and unlocks new levels of sustainability, time and creativity for both hairdressers and salon owners, without compromising results.”

ECOHEADS innovation, P.O.D stands for Point Of Difference and is a clever riff on the product itself with each ‘colour’ enclosed in a recyclable capsule reminiscent of the Nespresso pod. For those who don’t know, ECOHEADS is known for the world’s most efficient showerhead, and has preserved 162, 624, 218, 400 billion litres of water since 2013 (that’s 65,050 Olympic swimming pools worth).

“ECOHEADS were one of the first to highlight how polluting hairdressing is to waterways. It’s an unfortunate necessity due to the limitations of how hairdressers must colour and treat hair, and while brands

are taking leaps forward in the responsibility space, basic colour and basin functionality has not changed since 1904,” says Lauren.

Did you know the average toning service uses 104 litres of water?

With an ECOHEADS Showerhead, this is reduced to 37 litres, and with a P.O.D Prep, Tone and Seal service – 36 litres.

P.O.D is as much about the health and wellness of the hairdresser as it is about the planet. More powerful, less polluted water flow promoting faster services and minimal time hunched at the basin. Precisely why ECOHEADS is the number one showerhead in the world.

“When deliberating an extension of ECOHEADS, our Founder Benny Risher wanted to continue this legacy with a focus on water conservation, and asked the question, ‘how can we maximise water delivery in a way that saves time and the physical impact on hairdressers?’”

How would he build business at the basin with a service-driven product exclusive to the professional? Benny started the process of developing treatment ecopods and over time, co-founder Kobi Bokshish realised they could make an even larger impact, with colour. Shortly after this revelation, Benny, Kobi and ECOHEADS’ third founder, Ben Cohen, enlisted long time creative collaborator Stevie English – and the P.O.D journey began.

“P.O.D colour is a combination of lipophilic oils, pure pigments, butters and amino acids, and it’s this constitution that allows more efficient toning minus the (hair) damage.”

The applications are endless and are designed to seamlessly integrate into any salon environment. All you need is an ECOHEADS Showerhead, basins and a salon team eager to save time, create new services and bring home their targets.

“It’s an incredible way for young stylists to learn about colour – how to apply, cleanse and treat the hair properly,” says Lauren.

“In our 60 P.O.D test salons, we noted the concept can take a minute for hairdressers to get their head around. But as the innately creative and curious creatures they are, artistry is quick to take over any nerves, and they really get into it. It gets the inspiration firing, which can only be a good thing.”

Each ecopod represents one global toner and can be cut, layered, and combined within 22-shades for an entirely customised result. Intensity is controlled through quantity and rinsing time, with just 3.5 – 5-mins (rinsing) recommended regardless of texture and length. In its entirety, the P.O.D service takes 8 – 10-mins versus the average 7-mins spent on a basic shampoo and condition service, with an estimated fade time of 10 – 12 washes.

“In a post-Covid world, studies have revealed consumers’ most important commodity is time. As this relates to the salon, clients are seeking a damage-free colour refresh in under 10-minutes, making it an attractive add-on to any cut or styling service.” It’s a powerful integration to current colour services; improving hair quality with a no damage toning alternative.

“Our strategy was not to launch an excessive number of shades, rather build a shade range over time and with the feedback of the global hairdressing community. We will also introduce a series of treatments and cleansers for additional ticket add-ons.”

“This is not designed to take away from existing colour systems.

P.O.D is about building out new arms and driving business, and I can assure you, it’s no gimmick.”

As with any world-first, the team are expecting an air of hesitance and stream of questions, such as: ‘How does colour attach to the hair fibre without a developer?’

“We’ve been working hard on a comprehensive Education Hub (available on the P.O.D website) with content ranging from ‘what is P.O.D?’ to easy implementation, colour curation and maintenance, and how to really drive business. This in addition to in-person events and tailored Zoom training via P.O.D’s distributor, Ozdare.”

Home to hair’s most loved salon brands and with a firm focus on the future, Ozdare proved the perfect home for P.O.D, with CEO Carlo Gattuso commenting:

“Every now and then a never seen before and game changing product comes along. When Ozdare saw P.O.D by ECOHEADS, we instantly knew that this would not only excite hairdressers with ground breaking innovation in an industry that embraces and loves new technology, but also provide salons products that can create a revenue stream to help grow their business and build on their creativity.”

Where do you sign?

For further information, visit

POD by ECOHEADS is distributed exclusively by Ozdare.

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