PARIS FASHION WEEK: Wella Professionals for Esteban Cortazar

Eugene Souleiman has done it again on the Fashion Week trail, this time at Paris for Esteban Cortazar AW15/16.

This season there are two contradictory trends emerging from the looks that he has been creating in Paris; hair is either super lux, or wildly powerful with abundant texture. The hair at Esteban Cortazar falls into the latter. Here the look has been created with spontaneity, working visually and treating each girl differently, reacting to her hair texture, length and face shape to create an Amazonian look that is elemental and raw, savage and beautifully broken.

“Last season for this same show we braided the hair and when we took the braids out after the show, we liked the texture we had created and wanted to bring that back this season,” said Eugene. ” The soft organic textures and shapes work well with this collection as it is more primal, with intricate details that were inspired by last seasons’ braids. We’ve finished the look with a wet fringe, it’s as if the girl has just emerged from the humidity of the Amazon jungle and this contrast between wet and dry brings drama and modernity to the look.”

Constantly in awe of this man here at The Journal!