“Inspiration” is the magic word of La Biosthetique’s autumn/winter 2015 trends. For their new collection, the Artistic Team was inspired by one of the most thrilling buildings in Paris, the Siège du PCF, created by renowned architect, Oscar Niemeyer.

The looks are undoubtedly strong, with individual personality, flexibility and movement. A rich yet natural play of colour adds another dimension to each cut, designed for strong women who know their own minds and want a look that reflects this confidence.

Similarly, the complementing makeup collection for autumn/winter encapsulates sensuous beauty that is powerful without being pushy. Clear, sophisticated and elegant, the palette goes from silvery, shimmering shades and graphic eyeliners to 60s-inspired looks with pink lips. This season’s colours seem almost subdued, with the focus placed back on the basics: eyes, lips and nails that exude femininity.

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