This Hair Expo, salon professionals are invited to participate in a vital seminar addressing the safest and most effective ways to help clients experiencing family violence.

The HaiR-3Rs session will take place at Hair Expo 2019, held in Sydney on Monday, 10 June at 3pm. The Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS) will conduct the session, teaching attendees how to Recognise, Respond and Refer clients in the throes of dire circumstance.

The HaiR-3Rs training teaches salon professionals how to Recognise, Respond and Refer,” said EDVOS Executive Director, Jenny Jackson. “The training helps the client but also the salon team who may not know how to help or best respond.”

“It is important to be very clear that we are not teaching salon professionals to be counsellors the training, developed specifically for salon professionals, is about supporting them to safely and appropriately recognise, respond and refer victims of family violence to specialist family violence services, such as EDVOS.

Sometimes what might seem like a useful thing to say, may not be helpful or safe at all, so we equip salon teams with the right information and skills to be able to handle these extremely personal and sensitive situations.

HaiR-3Rs follows on from the success of the Hair Expo Safe Hands seminar, that took place in Melbourne last year. The program saw salon professionals discuss the importance of knowing how to help and support clients who are faced with family violence.

The impact of the workshop allowed hairdressers to return to their workplace and positively impact their clients, giving them the confidence to respond appropriately and implement affirmative actions to help.

EDVOS has already trained more than 350 salon professionals in Victoria, and we aim to continue to offer this important training within Victoria and interstate where funding permits,Jenny continued.

While attendance at the seminar is free, bookings are required prior and must be made through the Hair Expo website once the program is launched. 

Be sure to take part in this critical education opportunity and help be a positive support in the lives of your clients.

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