In 2019, the team at Edwards And Co. have your educational needs covered, with a tailored class, workshop or in-salon program to suit just about any concentration and/or experience level.

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With the new year well underway, Edwards And Co. have kicked off their 2019 Education Schedule with new classes, new faces and a host of new surprises.

Launched in 2016, Edwards And Co.’s diverse education programs offer professionals of varying levels the opportunity to learn, grow and absorb the rush of the salon group’s movement, with courses covering all aspects of the trade from client consultation, planning and future proofing the hair journey, colouring and styling techniques to business and staffing, creating a salon culture and effective social media practice.

On the agenda for 2019?

An array of new (and amped up) workshops, classes and private training programs led by Edwards And Co.’s team of experienced colourists and stylists including Jaye Edwards (Head Colourist and Founder), Michael Kelly (Director of Education), Torie Cee (Colour Educator) and Charlie Gauci (Styling and Colour Educator) as well as new recruits Sara Lim and James Plain.

Read more about Edwards And Co.’s specialised classes below:

Open House: Featuring six live educators showcasing a wide variety of techniques and skills, the Open House Workshops will unlock more value than ever before. The day structure will run as an open forum, meaning participants can move around the room freely and choose who they would like to watch, absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Each educator will showcase multiple looks throughout the day on several models. The team will cover the techniques used daily to create seamless, future proof colour-work, styling looks, extensions, cutting and creating perfect pictures for Instagram. Open level experience.

Signature Colour and Styling: Participants will experience first-hand the signature looks that have captivated the attention of an international audience. Here participants will be introduced to the home grown techniques of Jaye Edwards and his education team. Participants will also have three live models learning real time techniques on freehand balayage, brunette to blonde and over lightened blondes to lived-in and future proof blonde. Open level experience.

Colour Correction Specialist Class: This workshop is designed for colourists who have a yearning to master the art of colour correction. In this workshop, participants will see educators colour the hair of three live models, transforming hair disasters into dream hair, in just one sitting. The goal is to demonstrate simple and effective approaches to combat problematic hair. The class will also cover lightening for hyper sensitised hair, banding and brassiness, removal of mineral build up in blondes and many additional techniques. Minimum four years’ experience required.

Freehand Colouring: This class focuses on the art of freehand painting. Here educators will demonstrate three live models with varied freehand techniques. Participants will be walked through achieving the perfect sun-kissed colour in a step-by-step format. Educators will demonstrate Parisian balayage, finesse balayage and heavy hair paint techniques. They will also advise on when to isolate with cling wrap vs foil, when to use cotton wool, processing to desired undertones and zone toning to achieve the perfect blend. Minimum four years’ experience required.

Red Head Class: With Red, Copper and Strawberry Blonde hues trending now more than ever, the team at Edwards And Co. Education are now offering a class solely devoted to Red Heads. Educators will demonstrate colour on 3 live models, with techniques including transitioning clients from Blonde to Strawberry Blondes, Copper Mastery, Base Breaking to achieve amazing red tones and perfecting the ultimate Ruby Red. Minimum four years’ experience required.

2019 Education Dates:


  • Feb 3rd: Sydney Crown St, Open House
  • Feb 4th: Sydney Crown St, Hands On
  • Feb 10th: Melbourne E+CO Salon, Open House
  • Feb 11th: Melbourne E+CO Salon, Hands On
  • Feb 18th: Brisbane TBA, JAYE EDWARDS + EMMA CHEN Collab


  • March 11th: Melbourne E+CO Salon, JAYE EDWARDS + EMMA CHEN Collab
  • March 11th: Sydney Crown Street E+CO Salon, JAYE EDWARDS + EMMA CHEN Collab
  • March 17th: Canberra TBA, Signature Look & Learn
  • March 18th: Canberra TBA, Colour Correction Look & Learn


  • April 14th: Adelaide Joint Hair, Signature Look & Learn
  • April 15th: Adelaide Joint Hair, Colour Correction Look & Learn
  • April 21st: LA TBA JAYE EDWARDS + EMMA CHEN Collab
  • April 28th: Perth TBA, Signature Look & Learn
  • April 29th: Perth TBA, Freehand Look & Learn
  • April 29th: NYC TBA JAYE EDWARDS + EMMA CHEN Collab


  • May 5th: Sydney Academy, Signature Look & Learn
  • May 6th: Sydney Crown St, Colour Correction Look & Learn
  • May 12th: LA TBA, Look & Learn
  • May 13th: LA TBA, Hands On
  • May 19th: Toronto TBA, Look & Learn
  • May 20th: Toronto TBA, Hands On
  • May 26th: NYC TBA, Look & Learn
  • May 27th: NYC TBA, Hands On


  • June 9thSydney Academy, Hands On #2
  • June 10th: Sydney Crown St, Open House #2
  • June 16th: Melbourne E+CO Salon, Signature Look & Learn
  • June 17th: Melbourne E+CO Salon, Colour Correction Look & Learn
  • June 23rd: London TBA, Signature Look & Learn
  • June 24th: London TBA, Signature Hands On


  • July 14th: Gold Coast E+CO Salon, Signature Look & Learn
  • July 15th: Gold Coast E+CO Salon, Colour Correction Look & Learn


  • Aug 11th: Brisbane TBA, Signature Look & Learn
  • Aug 12th: Brisbane TBA, Colour Correction Look & Learn
  • Aug 18th: Melbourne Salon, Freehand Look & Learn
  • Aug 19th: Melbourne Salon, Reds Look & Learn


  • Sept 8th: Tasmania TBA, Signature Look & Learn
  • Sept 9th: Tasmania TBA, Freehand Look & Learn
  • Sept 15th: Sydney Academy, Freehand Look & Learn
  • Sept 16th: Sydney Crown St, Reds Look & Learn


  • Oct 14th: London, Salon International Trip, Signature Look & Learn

Visit https://edwardsandco.com.au/ to secure your spot.