Today, celebrity hair stylist slash co-founder of Swedish haircare brand Sachajuan, Sacha Mitic landed in Australia. So, we stole a few precious moments with the industry icon ahead of a busy schedule engaging beauty media, Sachajuan salons and dedicated stylists. Turns out Mr Mitic likes a round of golf, and if you buy the man a drink, make it a vodka tonic.

TJ: What about Sachajuan makes you most proud?

SM: The way it has been received by professionals and end consumers and how great feedback has been regarding the quality and performance of the products.

TJ: What is something most people may not know about Sachajuan?

SM: Some of the best editorial stylists and salons in the world use Sachajuan products and a lot of people don’t actually know that our origin is Swedish.

TJ: And something most people may not know about you?

SM: I love playing Golf.

TJ: Your ultimate Sachajuan product and why?

SM: Interesting and odd question! I always see products as tools to be chosen depending on the challenge and the work you would like to create, but if I had to choose I will go for the Conditioner, it both smooths and repairs.

TJ: Your ultimate Sachajuan product cocktail?

SM: The combination of products depends on what texture and hair you’re working with and what you would like to create.

TJ: Your ultimate cocktail?

SM: Vodka and tonic, simple and clear!

TJ: If you could style one person’s hair, whose would it be?

SM: I have done the hair of many beautiful and inspiring women (famous and less famous). My answer would be a woman with strong character style and humour!

TJ: Your childhood crush was …


TJ: What are you most looking forward to re: your upcoming trip to Australia?

SM: Meeting inspiring hairdressers and people.

TJ: If you could sum-up Australian beauty in one word, what would it be?

SM: Fresh.

TJ: Every Australian woman should have what Sachajuan product in their beauty cabinet?

SM: Hair Repair.

TJ: What song is currently on repeat on your iTunes/Spotify library?

SM: This is What You Are / Mario Biondi