Mater Hospital to Hold Hairdressing Event to Help Chemotherapy Patients

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Scalp Cooling is an evidence-based way to reduce hair loss whilst on chemotherapy treatment. It is important to many patients to try to avoid the significant hair loss usually associated with chemotherapy. Scalp cooling to prevent chemotherapy induced alopecia is based on vasoconstriction that reduces blood flow to hair follicles during peak plasma concentrations of agents used in chemotherapy. It also reduces biochemical activity making hair follicles less vulnerable to the damage of chemotherapeutic agents.

Recently there have been significant advances in technology aimed at reducing the chemotherapy induced alopecia and its very significant psychological impact using a scalp cooling technology. The Mater Hospital has been a leader in offering this to patients and has produced information pamphlets and a video outlining the process.


When: Tuesday, 28th June 2016

Time: 5.30pm

Where: Auditorium, Level 1, Poche Centre, 40 Rocklands Road, North Sydney

RSVP: Tuesday 21st June


Panel Guests Include:

Mr. Brett McKinnon / Hairdresser

Prof Fran Boyle / Scalp Cooling in Australia

Ms. Kerrie Andrews / CNC Patricia Ritchie Centre

Ms Mandy OReilly / Patient information & support

– TJ