Fairy Floss Hair Without the Commitment with Fabuloso Pro!

Let’s admit it – we’ve all wanted pink hair at some stage or another, but in the past it was impossible to achieve without copious amounts of colour, and a lingering tinge to your ends. Well, now the legitimate reasons you have for not letting your strands be reminiscent of cotton candy or the likes of, have been squandered by the new Fabuloso Pro colour range by evo.

We got chatting with evo Colour Mixologist Jat Kownacki to find out everything you need to know about the exciting new colour range:

TJ: What do you love most about the Fabuloso Pro colour range?

JK: The ability to refresh client’s hair in between their regular colour services and also to be able to perfectly match any hair colour with a customised take home coloured treatment.

TJ: Can you describe the at-home colour refresh process for our readers?

JK: The customised take home treatments are made in salon by the colourist and they can be used every other wash at home to extend the life of your colour. They simply alternate their normal conditioner with fabuloso pro and when using the fabuloso pro, leave it in for 3 minutes.

TJ: What is your favourite colour to create?

JK: My favourite colour is lime green, using a mix of our back bar conditioning base with yellow and green intensifier.

TJ: Is the colour service only applicable for blonde or light-haired clients or can brunettes participate as well?

JK: Pastel shades will only work on blonde or lightened hair, however stronger tones like violet, red, copper and chocolate work well all the way down to mid level brown hair.

TJ: How long does the process take?

JK: The in salon services process in 5-15 minutes depending on the tone and intensity, the take home component processes in just 3 minutes.

TJ: Where do you see the future of hair colouring?

JK: Hair colour is very organic with a lot of free hand – I can’t see that changing in the near future, so it will be playing with tones and intensity that really shapes the colour we see.

– TJ