Spotlight On: Kaarina Hamilton

Colourist, Educator, Innovator

The owner of KDelmé Hairdressing, Kaarina Hamilton has been in the hair industry for over 19 years, expanding her skills and knowledge of not just the basics of hairdressing, but contributing to creating her own, authentic skills and techniques. Kaarina Hamilton Education is an education programme designed and developed to make complex and technical colouring methods and teach them in an easy to understand way. This enables them to raise the quality, speed and technique of service in salons. Her workshops represent a unique chance for everyone to get their hands on valuable knowledge and skills.

Where do you find inspiration outside of the hairdressing world?

A lot of my inspiration comes from Nature, the shapes, colours and the textures give you so much inspiration, and it’s all there in front of us. We just need to learn to look for it.

What’s it about colouring that you love so much?

The endless possibilities that you have at your fingertips. With colour you are really only restricted by your knowledge and imagination, which allows me to go a little crazy (sometimes) with the results. How that every colour that you apply can be personalised in so many different ways.

Your resume is outstanding already, however, what big goals have you set for yourself in the future?
By growing and expanding my Education Portfolio to include some more regional and international venues, as well as expanding outside of just colouring into, styling and business development with the addition of some key personnel.

What’s the next step in your career?

To solidify national and internationally my recognition and reputation as an Educator

How do you stay motivated?

Through seeing the students getting excited about hairdressing, there is nothing better to see that glow and energy in them. So easy to stay motivated when you see that happening in front of your eyes. Plus I have a strong support network, with my salon staff and my boyfriend always pushing me to achieve more, and being a sounding board for all of my crazy ideas.

Who is someone you would love to work with?

Top of the list is the amazing Angelo Seminara, his creativity and the way he looks at hair is just so inspiring. Followed close by Mark Leeson with the way he puts an image together, is just outstanding.

Any predictions for hair colouring trends?

A lot more free hand and seamless colour work, which is about making colouring more personalised. So each colourist will be able to have their own style, which is a huge boom for Colourists. There is also a massive drive of contrasting colours within the same colour family, like Blonde to Rose Gold, or Dark Chocolate to Bright Red.

Hairdressing vs teaching, what are you more passionate about?

Education, but not by much. I still love working with clients every day, and this helps feed my passion for Education. Seeing your clients react to what you have been up to, and where you have been is priceless and keeps the passion going.

What do you want to achieve through your workshops?

Getting hairdressers excited and more passionate about what they do, so that they are proud to be a hairdresser. This is a core value that seems to be missing from a lot of hairdressers, and it’s become a mission of mine to try and install this back into the new hairdressers coming through into our industry, and to install a belief in them that they never stop learning.

– TJ