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The rumours are true, EVY Professional are Australian hairdressing’s (unofficial) smoothing experts. Here’s why.

The look notoriously on trend, shiny, healthy, hydrated hair continues as the most popular salon request in 2019, and no doubt, into 2020 and beyond. Just one reason more and more Australian hairdressers are choosing EVY as their premium styling and smoothing partner in-salon, on-set and into the bathroom at home.

EVY Founder, CEO and past salon owner, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta has long proved a passion for beautiful, healthy hair; commencing her journey to superior heat styling technology for the benefit of the professional first. First stop, Japan, for the post volcanic minerals imparting the gift of strong, healthy hair and skin to local residents for centuries gone.

And this is just the beginning. Here’s a few more reasons EVY Professional has earned the unofficial title, ‘The Smoothing Experts.’

  1. EVY Professional tools are the first to feature an impressive 32+ hair hydrating and strengthening minerals.
  2. Negative ion and infrared energy micronize (break up) water particles so they’re better able to penetrate the shaft. The result? Smooth hair.
  3. Not content with signature smoothing properties in just one superior heat styler, EVY Professional launch the E-CURL Styling Wand, theBOSS Hairdryer, the PRO STYLE Styling Irons, The CRYSTAL SHINE & SCHIMA Brushes and to support all that slippery, shiny hair? The brand new E-CLIPS. Smooth, healthy hair that shows – no matter the style.
  4. EVY Professional welcomes sister smoother, e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair. The ultimate ‘Rebonding, Rejuvenation System,’ the in-salon service combines science and organic ingredients to treat hair throughout the entire straightening/smoothing process. If you’re a hairdresser who can wash and iron hair, you can e-smooth! Signature EVY smooth for seriously frizzy hair.

Still not convinced?

“I’m blown away by the new development and results we’re getting with e-smooth! At TONI&GUY Bondi Beach we do a lot of keratin treatment, the fumes are smokey and in a small salon like ours, it’s a problem. With e-smooth, it’s easy to apply, no fumes and the biggest pro is no colour change. I’m very excited at how much easier this system is,” Kelly Wright of TONI&GUY Bondi Beach.

Give your clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

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