“We created a look that embodies high sine and style – keeping it chic and elegant.”

Founder of KEVIN.MURPHY, Kevin Murphy

Shining bright like the diamonds they are, the KEVIN.MURPHY army, led by the main man himself, kicked things into hyper-drive for the opening of Melbourne Fashion Week 2019.

Set against a magical white backdrop befitting a fairytale, designers Martin Grant, J’Aton Couture, Thurley and NEVENKA wowed, with assistance from mane maestro Kevin Murphy.

Continuing their epic legacy, the team created a refined and delicate stitched bun at the nape of the neck, punctuating the beauty with a hyper shine effect.

Simple yet oh so chic, the clean lines payed homage to the designers and their craft, perfectly complimenting the stunning designs on display.

“We wanted to tap into the craftmanship of these designers and reflect the incredible tailoring in their creations through the hair, ” said Kevin Murphy.

Prepping the hair with HAIR.RESORT spray and pulling it down flat towards the nape of the neck, the team used the KEVIN.MURPHY SEWING.KIT and a blanket stitch technique to secure a minimal bun shape at the base.

To finish the look a healthy dose of SESSION.SPRAY was used to laminate the hair and create the dramatic high shine effect.


  1. Prep dry hair with HAIR.RESORT spray and blow-dry smooth.
  2. Section hair from top to bottom and secure the bottom section in a low tight ponytail. Brush hair flat and smooth, laminating the hair with SESSION.SPRAY and secure the top section with a hair tie, into the existing pony tail
  3. Seperate the ponytail into two sections and twist in opposite directions, then twist into each other
  4. Twist the ponytail into a small flat bun and secure with either another hair tie pins or use a KEVIN.MURPHY SEWING.KIT and blanket stitch into place
  5. Finish by spaying a generous amount of SESSION.SPRAY all over, smoothing flayaways and adding hyper shine