If the (ever) changing forecasts weren’t enough to remind you; Spring is officially here. Which can only mean one thing for colourists: time to give your clients that much needed seasonal refresh. Whether yours is a penchant for quirky, creative blends or a love affair with classic neutrals; there’s no shortage of insta-worthy colour looks and inspiration to keep your clients satiated. So, to get you warm-weather ready, we caught up with Loop Salon’s Amy McCabe for her take on this season’s hero colour trends. Suitable for all moods, occasions and… colour persuasions.


As the weather gets warmer, so too may our colour. And for Spring 2020, Amy predicts a welcome return for bright, sun kissed neutrals – taking sartorial cues from our favourite style vixens of the 70s (Farrah Fawcett strands anyone?). “If I were to pick one hero trend for Spring 2020, it would have to be golden, sun kissed colours – with a natural, 70s vibe; looks that embrace natural textures and tones,” shares Amy.

While most highlighting techniques can be used across both light and darker bases, Amy suggests taking a personalised approach to colour, advising colourists to tailor the desired trend to suit their clients’ respective complexions, texture and facial features. “Although we’re always talking about trends and the next IT look, I love to create bespoke designs and colours for my clients – looks that suit the individual as opposed to the masses.”

Amy’s advice for clients looking to make a drastic colour change? “Start by brainstorming together – so as to breakdown all ideas and to ensure your clients have a realistic idea of their desired finish. It’s important to also be honest about the maintenance required to enhance their results. Knowing what my clients like and dislike gives me a clearer idea of where I can take their hair creatively.”

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On the subject of natural blondes (or natural looking blondes… depending on your poison), Amy’s hero hues for those seeking lighter pastures this Spring include ‘beige blonde, baby blonde and soft, sexy natural tones’. Her seasonal go-to? “My favourite colour at the moment is a creamy blonde with a pearly hue (as pictured here). For this I’ve used Revlon Professional Revlonissimo 10.01 + 10.02 + 900 (pure colour).”

For clients looking to maintain colour longevity (especially during lockdown months), Amy suggests choosing shades that remain as close as possible to your clients natural hue. “Colours that are close to a client’s natural shade allow for colour longevity – allowing clients to maintain colour vibrancy between salon visits,” she says. “All of our colour services include a Revlon Professional Magnet ritual – to ensure optimum colour uptake and results.”

“The Magnet range includes a colour additive that removes heavy metals and pollutants from the hair,” says Amy. “Finishing up each service with the Magnet Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask ensures luminous colour, evens hair porosity (for perfect colour absorption) and restores hair to its healthiest state. We recommend this for anyone having a colour service. The best part? Clients can still benefit from using the range, even if they don’t colour their hair!”

Image supplied by Amy McCabe, Loop Salon


Real talk: 2020 shall forever be known as the year of bold, experimental colours. Don’t believe us? Try searching #pinkhair (or any of your favourite celebs) the next time you’re on instagram. But, as any experienced colourist will tell you, a successful colour change – be it a vivid colour melt, pastel ombre (as pictured), or any other assorted dalliance with the colour wheel – doesn’t end at the basin. As such, it’s important to aptly equip your clients for the aftercare at hand.

“Creative colours are always fun, as they allow us to experiment with tones and create something really unique for each client,” starts Amy. “We always give our clients a realistic, honest and clear consultation. We want them to leave with the hair of their dreams… but to also have hair that is healthy, luscious and sustainable. Each client has their own customised colour and maintenance program.”

As for Amy’s go-to colour? “I love that all of the Revlon Professional colours are true to tone,” she says. “There’s also a fantastic selection of colours that are incredibly versatile, making it easy to create bespoke colour for my clients. The technology and performance is second to none (the Nutri Colour range is perfect for longevity!); giving your clients natural, luminous and lasting colour results. What more could you ask for?”

Adds National Education Manager for Revlon Professional: Renee Meredith, “Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Crème is an all-in-one shine, care and colour treatment; the type of range that all salons need in their backbar and retail shelves (as well as their clients’ bathrooms!). It ticks all the boxes and has all the goodness you need to make your clients’ hair look, smell and feel amazing. The best bit? It’s low commitment – lasting between 3-10 washes.”

“Nutri Color Crème can tone hair in an array of different shades and tones – depending on yours or your clients’ mood,” she continues. “An added bonus is that it’s a great repairing treatment for all locks. It’s fun, easy to mix, apply and maintain – and leaves hair looking super shiny and feeling amazing. With so many shades to choose from, it doesn’t matter what your base shade is – there is something for you. A must have for everyone this summer!”

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According to Amy, ‘soft and subtle’ shades of brown will forever be in vogue. And while some opt for warmer, earthier tones come the warmer seasons – other clients favour woody tones and deep chocolate browns. The choices are endless. As with all services, Amy stresses the importance of tailoring your formula and colour technique to your clients’ hair type and complexion. The goal? To showcase the hair’s health and natural shine.

“I’m loving Revlon Professional’s 0.7MN range; it’s amazing for keeping those unwanted brassy undertones at bay – leaving clients with a cool, smoky brunette shade (as pictured),” shares Amy. “Likewise, at-home maintenance is key when it comes to colour longevity and vibrance. As I say to all my clients, ‘you spend a lot of money (and time) making your hair fabulous; why use cheap products that do no justice to your hair?'”

Amy’s retail staples? “The Revlon Professional Magnet range (with its micellar technology) is just mind-blowing,” she starts. “It’s easy to be sceptical with products with product claims, but with this range you can actually see the results. Who doesn’t love even, glossy colour? I also love the Revlon Professional Uniq 1 All In One Green Tea Scent Treatment. I think the majority of my clients have this in their collection! It’s a great styling and conditioning product that leaves hair soft and luscious without weighing it down. Amazing for ALL hair types!”

“The Magnet range is so advanced in its technology and definitely a first for our industry,” adds Renee. “Hair is subject to so many environmental aggressors and pollution; we just can’t see them. If you think about how these affect our skin… our hair is receiving the same exposure. Whether it’s poor air quality, the water we bathe in or the effects of the sun – all can play havoc with our hair colour and interfere with the colouring/lightening process.”

“This in turn affects the hair quality and causes damage to the hair’s structure,” she continues. “With the Magnet range, you now have professional products that may be used during any colouring or lightening service – as well as products for your clients to take home and use for maintaining their colour at home. There really is nothing else like it, and it’s completely changed the way we think as colourists. It’s like having insurance on all of your colouring and lightening services!”

Image supplied by Amy McCabe, Loop Salon


While trends may falter with the seasons, a good foundation is eternal. As such, it’s important to begin with a thorough consultation… and end with a personalised maintenance program. After all: there’s more to a successful colour than a post-service selfie. Likewise, it’s imperative one tailor their formula or technique to their clients’ respective needs – not just their wants. “I always advise to suit my clients as individuals; not just what’s on trend,” says Amy. “As we all know… it’s not one colour suits all!”

Amy also suggests partnering with a brand that shares your creative and professional goals, as well as keeping on the pulse of new and emerging colour techniques and ranges. “The support I’ve received from Revlon Professional, as both an artist and a business owner, has been incredible,” shares Amy. “I would recommend Revlon Professional to any business owner looking for a brand committed to helping them grow and reach their personal goals.”

“Both my staff and I love the technical and practical education the company provides,” she continues. “Revlon Professional remains consistent when it comes to showcasing new products, trends and hands-on education. They’re the first brand I’ve worked with that have really helped with developing both colour and professional opportunities. Their support has been amazing; I would recommend Revlon Professional to anyone placing colour at the forefront of their business.”

A sentiment Renee echoes. “With Revlon Professional, the scope is truly endless,” she says. “On the product front, each range is unlike anything else on the market – empowering colourists complete creative reign.” As for Renee’s staple range? “Revlon Professional Color Sublime,” Renee shares. “We launched our ammonia free permanent hair colour range early 2018. As a global colour brand we knew we were late to the market launching an ammonia free range butthere was a reason for that, we got it right!”

“Color Sublime has everything you could want from a permanent colour range: fantastic lift grey coverage, vibrant fashion shades, intense brunettes and new Pure Color concentrates to personalise every colour,” she adds. “With the latest technology and ingredients, Color Sublime offers high pigmented colour results – including full grey coverage. The latest formulas are also fade resistant thanks to their Colour Enhancing Oil System (which protects the integrity of the hair leaving strands looking extremely shiny and feeling so soft). Once you see how Color Sublime looks and performs  – you won’t want to use anything else.” Amen.

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