It happens with every red carpet and with every it girl at some stage or another. An almost-impossible to maintain (or even initially pull off!) hair colour is debuted, leading to an influx of clients demanding similar looks without any insight into the maintenance or cost of keeping such a colour looking salon fresh.

Two of the hottest colour transformations to emerge from 2022 thus far – Gigi Hadid’s waist length platinum locks and Kendall Jenner’s copper hue, both revealed at Fashion Month – are two of these tricky to nail looks that require some serious know how and commitment to keep looking fresh. We spoke with Que Colour’s resident colour queen Monique McMahon on how to get these looks right, and how to keep them looking fresh.


What’s the first thing you do when purchasing something expensive… You get insurance right? Our hair should be no different. If you’re ready to commit to the hottest colour trend of the season, insure your hair with a routine that will keep your locks hydrated, eliminate damage and deliver moisture, fatty oils and repairing goodness back into your locks.

“First of all, the prep starts earlier than you think,” says Monique. “If this is your first time venturing into the scalp bleach world, ensure you have 100% trust in your chosen colourist and you have worked on a hair colour plan if you are wanting to lift in stages.”

“With your foundations in place, it’s time to get your hair ready at home before the appointment. If you are already highlighting your hair, give it a break for a couple of months and start your masking to prepare your locks for your colourist. Lay off the heat styling until your appointment and ensure you have a nice amount of natural regrowth and a healthy starting point to get you off the mark.

“We recommend introducing a 100% natural hair and scalp oil like this one from les huilettes to strengthen and repair your scalp to its optimum state. Apply generously to the scalp once a week, massaging into the hair. This is the perfect lazy girl treatment as you can leave it for an hour or overnight before washing out.

“If there was ever a time to bring in the most luxe, Rolls Royce-level hair masks.. It’s now. Invest in the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly pear, you wont regret it. Loaded with the rare prickly pear seed oil, omega 6 + 9 and vitamin F, this mask is praised by celebrities, professional colourists and influencers alike as the thing bringing their hair back from the dead.

“Use once a week for 30 minutes, this ultra concentrated formula can be applied from root to tip and a little goes a long way.”


It girls are currently leading the charge when it comes to the rise of copper hair, but the real question is whether or not this tricky colour will suit your client.

The good news is that red hair doesn’t have to come with commitment, if you know what to ask for. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to have flexibility with their hair tone, it could be the perfect go-to for you.

Mon from Que Colour is no stranger to the trend. “For the Kendall Jenner earthy tone, try out the Sebastian’s Colourshines to give you that intense punchy red with an unbeatable gloss,” she explains. “These all-natural vegetable protein glosses are deeply pigmented, and act like a top coat of nail polish. They only take 10 minutes under heat at the salon, and will last for 3-4 weeks before returning to your natural colour.” 

“For the ultimate DIY take on the trend, however, try the cult Christophe Robin Chic copper Shade Variation. This one you don’t need a professional for – simply shampoo your hair like normal, towel dry and then apply from root to tip and leave on for 30 minutes. This treatment uses natural pigment from carrot oil to nurture and tone your locks every so slightly to the copper direction. Lasting only 2-3 washes this is the ultimate no commitment glaze!”