CONFERENCE: Loving the Business of your Business, presented by Alfaparf

In the business of bigger, better salon business, Alfaparf introduce new, full day conference concept: Loving the Business of Your Business. Hosted by five times Australian Session Stylist of the Year, Richard Kavanagh, the session is designed to help salon owners identify their business’s true potential and personality for maximum success.

“I’ll be helping guests to decipher how they, as a creative, can find the best methods and processes to manage and get the most from their team. We’ll be looking at this from a financial point of view, yes, but this is also about understanding the numbers from a creative perspective, future proofing the business from all angles,” starts Richard.

“As a freelance creative, my career forced me to gain a strong understanding of business for myself; operating as an artist and feeding my vision yet working the mechanics of the backend for a brand that has continued to grow.”

Richard’s success in the salon space was proven through a 9-year consulting contract with one of New Zealand’s biggest and now most reputable salon brands. Think 650 staff across 50 salons. Confronted with concerning consumer research around the brand’s people and product, Richard was tasked to turn it all around, reduce the churn of staff, increase morale, and improve profitability for the group. Within 12 months, consumer research (conducted by the same independent company) showed the brand was no longer considered a last resort, rather a beacon of global trends home to strong training programs and the consumers’ next destination for hair design. Further to this, the salon became the most awarded salon group in New Zealand, taking out Hairdresser of the Year three years in a row – each with a different stylist.

“This success was achieved through a self-perpetuating growth program not just about skills and techniques around hair in salon, but learnings on how to grow yourself beyond this. It’s about creating a real sense of culture and belonging, a mantra dedicated to creativity and growth and earthed to the objective of bigger business. Everyone wins.”

The upcoming Alfaparf conference will see Richard explore the mechanisms and metrics of better business, helping to realise each salon’s unique brand position and importantly, how to market this with a real ‘consumer face.’ Guests will leave with tools to take back into the salon for ongoing motivation and assistance around goal setting, and leave with a few bonus insights on the image making process and how to make creative direction a quantifiable business asset.

The conference will take place in Sydney (May 16th), QLD (July 25th) and VIC (August 15th).

The details are as follows:

WHEN: May 16th

WHAT TIME: 9:30AM – 5:00PM

For all enquiries and to register for the events, please contact