Goldwell Colour of the Year Goldwell Colour of the Year coty-22-bubblegum

Goldwell have announced Bubblegum as their eagerly-anticipated 2022 Colour of the Year!

Decided in conjunction with some of the world’s foremost colour experts, 2022’s perfectly pink colour of the year seamlessly melds vibrant hot pinks with timeless pastel to create a retro-futuristic shade that holds appeal to a mass audience.

“We can see that optimism will be a key trend for 2022 and Bubblegum is the perfect emblem for it,” says Jane Boddy, Goldwell Global Colour Expert. “The underlying blue tone adds a freshness that is both progressive and balanced. It merges the playful heart with the clear head to create a color that is versatile but measured.”

Goldwell Global Creative Director John Moroney agrees with the playful nature of this year’s hue, and harnessing the positivity of pink as we move forward. “This playful, inclusive colour represents diversity, self-identity, fun and freedom, which is something our  stylists couldn’t wait to start replicating in their color formulas,” he explains.

“Striking the unique balance between flirtatious and wholesome, cool and warm, and  soft and strong, the dynamic aspects of bubblegum will infuse the look with a head-turning dramatic effect like no other.”

Time to embrace the sweeter side of life, and allow yourself to be inspired by the beauty of bubblegum.