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In exciting news for those chasing the very latest and greatest in their kits, industry legend and award-winning global hairdresser Sharon Blain has recently launched the ELEVATE PRO STYLER!

Not only is the the first ever hot tool that Sharon has been willing to put her name to, it’s also a total game-changer… Promising to take any type of hair from from limp to lifted in minutes! That’s right, what would have traditionally required huge amounts of work and time is now achievable in mere moments.

“I’ve waited a long time for a product I believe in,” Sharon explains. “It’s only taken 55 years as a professional stylist and global award-winning educator…. But hey, who’s counting!

“What I know for sure is that great hair is  the ultimate booster when it comes to how you feel. More than clothes. More than make-up. Because volume in your locks puts a spring in your step like nothing else. And finally, there is an easy stress-free way to create it!

“Which is why I’m so proud to put this styler in your hands. Use it for yourself, in your salon to wow your clients, and for whatever pressure cooker hair challenge you find yourself working on… It’s how I get to share a little bit of my styling magic with YOU.”

Boasting benefits that include results that last between washes, a three metre swivel cord and three temperature choices, no products or harmful styling techniques such as teasing are required for achieving perfect results with the ELEVATE PRO STYLER.

Keen to learn more about this exciting new release set to raise the styling stakes? Click here to learn more!