Following the success of ‘Foil like a Boss’ Que Academy returned with its second educational offering, ‘Hand Painted’.

Hosted by Que Colour Director Monique McMahon, the two-part workshop saw McMahon detail the mechanics of hand painting, alongside Que Creative Director Taylah Jones and Head Colourist Sade Webb.

Comprised of a morning look & learn followed by an afternoon of hands-on practice, ‘Hand Painted’ invited a host of participants into the world of Que Colour; for a day of learning, training and colour exploration.

“As colourists we need an arsenal of skills in our tool kit,” said Monique. “Each colour technique – including hand painting – has it’s purpose. We want to help you take the fear out of colouring, and to become more comfortable with different techniques”.

“Free hand can be a great technique for regrowth, or to create a beautiful natural colour,” she continued. “Take the guess work out of your application by learning how to section correctly”.

Participants were talked through a range of sectioning techniques, before which educators demonstrated a series of placement patterns and Que approved colour services.

Highlights of the look & learn included a Basin Balayage demonstration by Taylah, who led participants through the ins and outs of the popular colour service; “Freehand is such a personalised technique and can be a great tool for client retention”.

“It’s important to detail colour to the clients’ headshape, hair cut and hair type. Explain the techniques you are using on them; it builds a trust between yourself and your clients, especially once they see the results”.

The day concluded with an afternoon of hands-on practice, though not before an exclusive On the Couch session with Session Stylist extraordinaire Renya Xydis and former AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year Mary Alamine.

Moderated by Monique, the segment saw the duo answer a selection of business, career and hair centric questions, before divulging a string of personal anecdotes and key life experiences.

A Sunday well spent.

Que Academy returns with ‘Freestyle Colour’ on Sunday 23rd September. Places are limited, so be sure to visit to secure your spot.