What salon guest doesn’t want more shine? This is where the all-time up-seller, the topcoat, comes into play. Quick and results-driven, a gloss service will add a subtle hue, increase shine and seal the hair for increased manageability. The perfect accessory for that Saturday afternoon blow-wave.

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Global colour experts, Paul Mitchell share how to boost your salon’s bottom line.


It’s interesting to know that over 70% of colour services are a form of blonding – from highlights to balayage or platinum blonde. Salon guests have different needs when it comes to what type of blonde they desire – some wanting a low maintenance, natural grow-out and others preferring the lightest result – regardless of maintenance or length.

The colour experts at Paul Mitchell have four lightening options to complement the needs of every salon guest; customisable performance-based products each dedicated to the integrity and condition of hair. A modern salon must-have, Paul Mitchell Skylighthas made hand-painting (balayage) a breeze with a clay consistency allowing colourists to feel more confident in suggesting and performing this ever on-trend service.


For guests starting to grey or for those who are completely white, bespoke, individual treatment is just as important. Not all grey guests’ want block-out coverage, opting rather for a subtle, natural blend. It is important to understand what type of conceal, blend or coverage your guests’ want and select the right product accordingly.

If it’s grey conceal you’re after, Paul Mitchell Flash Back is your best friend.

For a multidimensional blend that will grow out naturally, reach for Paul Mitchell The Demi and if block out coverage is required, Paul Mitchell The Color and Paul Mitchell The Color XG promise premium results on the most stubborn grey or white.


What salon guest doesn’t want more shine? This is where the all-time up-seller, the topcoat, comes into play. Quick and results-driven, a gloss service will add a subtle hue, increase shine and seal the hair for increased manageability. The perfect accessory for that Saturday afternoon blow-wave.

“I liken the in-salon glossing service to a highlighter application in makeup – it will reflect more shine in all the right places and create healthier looking hair,” says Paul Mitchell Director of Education Stephanie Gelston. “We can offer a gloss on the same day as a highlight, balayage or full colour service, or it is a great between-colour service for instant pick-me-up.”

Glossing services can be performed using Paul Mitchell The Demi or Paul Mitchell PM Shines. These products are ammonia and MEA free so you can confidently offer colour without disturbing the natural hair level.


You don’t need us to tell you that the men’s market is big business, and any salon not catering to the needs and preferences of their gents, is missing out. Not only are they now hooked on male-specific products and grooming services, but they’re big on colour, too. While most will avoid the centrepiece colour table and full head of foil, there are many colour services the modern man is up-for, all you have to do is ask (and deliver). Most are crying out for advice!

If you start to notice your male guest greying, offer a quick and easy conceal courtesy of Paul Mitchell Flash Back, best applied in the Wash House (so no one is the wiser).

A basin balayage service is a great suggestion to create natural, sunkissed highlights, and to accentuate areas of a haircut with more length. These services are performed in under-10 minutes, so the man is in, out and looking fresh in under an hour. And he’s a new member to the colour bar. Men are among the most loyal clientele after all.


Electric hair colour is a niche look and clients from 16 – 60 are loving it! Guests of all demographics can express their individuality with bright electrics worn bold or subdued. Perfect for an all-over colour or highlight/balayage service, Paul Mitchell offers a dynamic range of Electrics that, as semi-permanents, pave a perfect pathway to the colour bar.


They were few and far between, but we’re seeing a new breed of salon guest – those who have grown out their colour or the all-elusive hair colour virgins! We want their first experience at the colour bar to be seamless and of course, low maintenance. So less focus on lightening, more on changing the reflect and boosting shine with a product such as Paul Mitchell The Demi. This is a great option for semi-opaque results and gradual fade-out. For an even softer result, reach for Paul Mitchell PM Shines. Before you know it they’ll be hooked on the colour bar (again) and boosting your referrals!


For a successful, referral-based colour clientele, it is vital that clients are aware of the journey their hair will take from the time they leave the salon to their return appointment. If a guest is experiencing a blonding service it is our (the professional’s) responsibility to educate them on how their blonde will fade. A grey coverage guest needs to understand their maintenance schedule. An electric guest must be educated that heating tools will reduce colour longevity. Products like Paul Mitchell Color Craft are considered market game changers for their capacity to empower the professional with customised, liquid-pigmented home hair treatments. This also empowers the guest as they stay one-step ahead of their colour’s natural fade. By arming the guest with knowledge and product power, we avoid dissapointment and set realistic colour expectations for a return client, every time. That’s the Paul Mitchell way.

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