NEWS: DCI Education Launch Gino Fossano Scholarship

In honour of the late Gino Fossano, DCI Education have launched a new scholarship to support the next generation of hairdressers.

DCI education have announced their inaugural scholarship in honour of Gino Fossano’s incredible legacy within the hairdressing industry.

Gino Fossano inspired all around him with his work ethic, desire to serve people, and an incredible ability to light up a salon.

His core values align perfectly with DCI’s commitment to support and innovation; an aspect paramount to their community and beyond. 

As such they proudly launch the Gino Fossano scholarship to be implemented in 2019, fostering the upcoming generation of Australian hairdressers.

Boasting an alumnus of 2200 hair professionals yearly, their decision to facilitate the Scholarship is yet another investment into the future of hairdressing.

The Gino Fossano Scholarship will be awarded to one apprentice hairdresser (1st to 3rd year) in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA & ACT.

The apprentice chosen will hold the same qualities as the Scholarship’s namesake figure; evoking a vivaciousness, caring nature and inspirational work ethic.

They will be awarded a place on the 2019 DCI Elevate Program in their city.

The DCI Elevate Program consists of 10 x 3-hour workshops, based 1 per month, learning precise cutting techniques, starting in February through to November.

Applications close 15th December 2018.