DCI Educating and Inspiring Hairdressers in London & New York

Dario has recently returned back to Sydney after educating in London for the award winning salon Blushes. Dario met the owners of Blushes 4 years ago when he was touring educating throughout the UK in 2011. In the Blushes training session Dario trained the team in Classic minimal cutting. The team at Blushes are very experienced with their creative director having worked for Vidal Sassoon for over 6 years and the team winning the L’Oreal colour trophy a few years ago.

Dario found himself educating a very talented and aspirational team in how to take their haircutting skills to the next level. Blushes loved the education so much they have already booked in for 2016. After leaving London, Dario headed to New York to teach his class at very new Arrojo Salon in Brooklyn NY. Dario says teaching in New York with American hairdressers was the highlight of his career so far as American’s are very literal and really want to understand what they are doing before the do it. So it is thinking on a deeper level to better understand why and how each technique can help their salon work. The New York course was so successful everyone that attended the course is planning to attend the next course in July 2016. So it was an extremely successful trip representing Australian Hairdressing.

DCI are now at the final stages of locking in all 2016 Mentor Program classes in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth with the aim of teaching around 150 hairdressers every month around Australia from February to November next year. For all enquiries contact DCI on 02 93802217 or veronica@dcieducation.com

– TJ