Education is key in nurturing our craft, and the constant hunger to learn that is evident across the industry is what makes it such a fantastic one to be a part of. 

The latest and greatest in the world of education? Multi-award winning educator and founder of DCI Education, Dario Cotroneo, has joined forces with TIGI after assisting them to launch within the Australian market 25 years ago (time flies when you’re having fun, right!) to incorporate two step-by-step colour education videos within their 2021 roster. 

Best news of all? It’s free for all you education aficionados out there.

Whilst Dario’s DCI Education is well known across the industry for the Look & Learn educational videos that form a key pillar within their offering, this new colour collab with TIGI is exciting news for those out there looking to brush up on their balayage in Dario’s signature style… As the man himself always says, the more you learn the more you earn!

You can check out Dario and TIGI’s colour collaborations right HERE

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