Hair fall is a touchy topic among women, with many avoiding the conversation in turn, solution. Occurring amongst women of all ages, statistics show that a massive 88% will be affected! 

The good news? Leaders in solution-based luxury haircare, Kérastase has formulated Genesis, an entire range targeting hair fall in its many forms. 

In celebration of the launch, we spoke with Kérastase Ambassador and Head Stylist at Maurice Meade (Perth City) Joy Reade about the prevalence of hair fall and breakage, and how Genesis is working to make it a thing of the past (and boosting business simultaneously!).

TJ: What is hair fall, and what are some common misconceptions around it in women?

JR: Hair fall is the loss of hair, either directly from the root or breakage from the mid lengths and ends. Many people believe that this is only something that affects older women, or after child birth, when in reality it can occur in women of all ages. Fall from the root is generally linked to biological factors like hormones, diet and stress, whilst breakage is a result of mechanical and external factors like brushing, heat styling and pollution. 

From this alone, it’s clear to see just how many of us are within this category, and would directly benefit from using Genesis.

TJ: How common is hair fall spoken about as a concern within the salon?

JR: Many women find it extremely difficult or embarrassing to talk about. As women, our hair is such a massive part of our identity and losing it can be a frightening experience… especially when you don’t know that help is out there. 

Statistics show that 88% of women experience hair fall throughout their lifetime, and a whopping 90% don’t seek help! 

TJ: How has the Kérastase Genesis Collection changed the way the professional talks about and treats such concerns in the salon?

JR: The Genesis Collection has made this problem much easier to approach with guests in-salon. The brand is so well known and respected that clients were anticipating its arrival. Now we finally have a collection which has targeted both hair fall and breakage in one, and has made it exciting to speak about and recommend… we now have the solution to the problem! 

TJ: What defines the Kérastase Genesis Collection regime, and how does it differ to other Kérastase rituals?

JR: The collection regime – which includes the in-salon ritual – work together to deliver results to the guest. We first need to determine if our guest is currently experiencing a period of intense hair fall (recognised as excessive amounts after brushing or showering) and in this case would prescribe the ampules. Otherwise, we recommend the scalp serum. 

The collection includes two different baths – one for dry hair, and one for oily hair – plus a treatment, and masque. Once suitable products are established, we can use the Genesis ritual (which provides instant weightless hydration that both fortifies AND strengthens!) and booster. 

Also included is the brand new Thermique, a weightless blowdry fluid. This is probably my favourite out of the collection with its lightweight texture, heat protection and fragrance ensuring I give the best possible blowdry that is soft, strong and smells incredible!

Statistics show that 88% of women experience hair fall throughout their lifetime. The Genesis Collection has made this problem much easier to approach with guests in the salon.

Kérastase Ambassador, Joy Reade

TJ: Kérastase is known for its ground-breaking technology. Tell us about the science and technology behind Genesis, and why it is closing this gap in the market?

JR: Aminexil and Arginine are the main technologies in both the scalp activators, which work together to help anchor the hair into the bulb, and soften the scalp for more flexibility. 

Ginger root extract and Edelweiss protects the fibre, strengthening and fortifying the lengths and ends. Prior to the introduction of Genesis to the market, there wasn’t one single collection available. Clients would have to buy from two different collections, one that treats loss/breakage and one to strengthen the lengths and ends. Genesis gives it all to us.

TJ: Your favourite feature of the product collection?

JR: My favourite feature has to be the lightweight feel. The serum absorbs really well, and leaves no residue. My hair feels super soft after using the full collection, and has never blow-dried so easily!

TJ: How does the Kérastase Genesis support the salon business opportunities?

JR: By offering the in salon Fusio Dose, your guest gets to experience instant gratification from the collection. Results are delivered instantly, which the client can see and feel.

Before styling, I would always recommend demonstrating how to use the scalp serums which will be required to use at home to achieve the results. Guests are then encouraged to return to the salon during the six week initial period, to check in and have another ritual.

TJ: How important is the at home care regime an effective result, and what does this regime look like for busy women?

JR: Results will not be achieved without the home care regime. The activators, serum and  ampules are designed for home use and are the ones that really make the difference. They anchor the hair and create a soft, flexible and healthy scalp. The home regime is really easy, and it takes no longer than most current regimes.

TJ: Is Kérastase Genesis suitable for all hair types and sensitive scalps?

JR: There are suitable products for dry, oily, thick and fine hair as well as being gentle on all scalps. This collection needs to be experienced by anyone who is suffering from hair fall… I promise this the answer to your problems! #neverbeafraidoffalling

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