COLLAB: Foil Me X Edwards and Co Salons

For colourists, cutting foil and dealing with slippage and lengthy colour processing times could be a thing of the past with the recent announcement of an exciting new collaboration between Foil Me and Sydney based colourist Jaye Edwards.

With the new products, Foil Me continues their charge as Australia’s premier pre-cut foil company.

For Edwards, owner of Edwards and Co salons, it was an easy decision to work with the brand.

“I love using Foil Me™ because it allows me to be versatile with my colour work. I’m able to use various techniques in the one colour with the different sizes of foil”, adding “they are a must-have tool during any colour application”.

Together, they have developed two new custom-made foils, easily recognisable through their use of an aquamarine colouring and designed promote tranquillity, creativity and emotional balance.

The Edwards foil (12.5cmx28cm) and The Edwards – Wide foil (15cmx30cm) both boast Foil Me™’s signature, elegant design and signature embossing.

These features have been proven to assist in colour processing and prevent foil slippage.

Edwards also gives credit to the product’s design, “Using Foil Me™ in-salon has definitely given back time to my assistants and our colourists as we don’t need to cut foil anymore, and they allow for a faster and more precise colour application.

The individual sheeting dispense system even enables efficient, streamlined access to the foils without sticking together.

Speaking of the product range, Foil Me co-owner and founder Emily Ciardiello says “We have loved working with Jaye to develop our beautiful aquamarine “The Edwards” custom foils and we look forward to sharing the collaboration with this wonderfully creative industry!”


Words by Grace Ormsby