A series of five bespoke looks, De Lorenzo’s Autumn Winter 2020 collection showcases the vision and talents of De Lorenzo Brand Ambassador (and industry favourite) Brad Ngata who, with assistance by local educator Holly Breen, utilised the brand’s 360° colour range to create an inspired portfolio of striking styles and colours.

Looking to recreate? Check out the full look breakdown below:

Sienna: Stunningly sophisticated and subtly simplistic, Sienna presents a beautiful melted colour blend of muted golds and pinks, created with Novasemi Atomic Orange, Explosive Red, Mystic Blue and Crystal Clear. A striking shimmering effect accentuates movement and texture through the relaxed, soft waves to deliver a hint of whimsy and a sense of liberty, the tones replicating a setting sun.

Defence Extinguish was spritzed onto damp hair, before blow-drying Elements Sea Swell into her hair for volume. Elements Amplify was then combed through each section of the hair before curling and leaving her hair to cool. To create texture, brush out the hair, applying Elements Quicksand through the ends before finishing with a spritz of Elements Vapour Mist for natural hold.

Sophia: A twist on the modern mullet, Sophia’s pixie-like features and natural warmth are further enhanced by hues of gold, orange and pinky reds; the colours blending together and flickering out to a sophisticated graduation. The fiery, solar shades were created with a combination of Supanova, Novoxyl, Copper Vibrant, Orange Concentrate and Yellow Concentrate.

With her feathered texture, Sophia encapsulates the beauty of a golden sunset. To achieve the look, blow-dry Elements Clay into the hair for volume, smoothness and shine. Then apply Elements Sandstorm at the roots for volume, and Elements Grit to piece out the fringe. Finish the look with an application of Elements Granite Strong Hold Hair Lacquer.

Meagan: Flickers of gold, honey and creamy blondes combine to deliver an intricate yet rebellious look, eliciting a feeling of freedom for Meagan. A little bit punk, this textured cut is accentuated and highlighted by reflects and bursts of fiery pieces created with Supanova, Novoxyl, Orange Concentrate, Novacreme, Novaclear and Novasemi Crystal Clear and Cyber Yellow.

Essential Treatments Protein Complex is applied prior to shampooing. For increased volume, blow-dry Elements Motion into the hair, followed by applying Elements Sandstorm for texture and hold. Elements Quicksand is applied to piece out ends and create more volume. Finish the style with Elements Granite Strong Hold Hair Lacquer.

Fasika: Confident and strong, Fasika exudes a strong femininity, emphasised by her statement style; a burst of textured gold and orange which beautifully complements her stunning complexion. A Natural Base Level 4, Fasika’s colour has been expertly crafted using Supanova & Novoxyl, and a combination of Novasemi Cyber Yellow and Atomic Orange.

To create the look, apply Instant Satur8 to soften and moisturise, before applying Elements Granite Non-Aerosol Quicksand at the roots for texture and volume. Finish the style by spraying Elements Granite strong hold lacquer through the layers of hair to set the hair direction.

Tequila: Confident and alluring,Tequila’s style showcases beautifully blended tones that combine to create a tousled waterfall of striking copper hues. Paired with smooth and curled styling for enviable movement, Tequila’ssignature shades are a combination of Novafusion Copper, Intense Copper and Coral Peach, for a seamless yet intricate melt.

Spray Defence Extinguish onto damp hair before blow drying Elements Amplify into the hair for volume. Curling her hair with a medium tong, then spraying Elements Vapour Mist for hold, before letting curls cool. Lightly spray the hair with Elements Afterglow before brushing the curls out for the desired texture.