I am so honoured and excited for my new role as brand ambassador for Biolage. I adore using the Biolage products as part of my haircare routine and feel very aligned to the botanical ingredients and their environmental ethos. It’s good for me, good for my hair and good for the planet.

Biolage Ambassador, Jules Sebastian

She’s one of Australia’s most beloved personalities.

A sought-after stylist, presenter and philanthropist (shall we continue?) this modern day renaissance woman continues to make waves in the Australian media sphere, with her relaxed confidence, raw authenticity and natural approach to style and beauty.

Qualities that have helped her amass both a large social following and mounting list of collaborators, respectively.

Now, Adelaide’s own Jules Sebastian is lending her face (and hair) to the ultimate advocates of natural beauty: Biolage, as the brand’s newest ambassador for 2020.

A match made in hair-heaven, the partnership will see Jules partake in various campaigns and activations over the course of her tenure, waving the Biolage flag both locally and beyond.

We caught up with the Aussie darling, fresh off her first campaign shoot (check out the stunning visuals on this page) with Biolage Australia and session stylist Mat Johnson.

TJ: What’s been happening in the world of Jules Sebastian?

JS: Quite a lot actually! I’ve just been named the 2020 Ambassador for Biolage and I can’t wait to see what adventure’s we’ll get up to! Between filming Tea With Jules and being a mother and wife, I’ve also had a few other projects I’m working on that I can’t wait to unfold throughout the year.

TJ: Tell us about your new ambassadorship role with Biolage. What is it about the brand that resonates with you most?

JS: I’m so happy to align myself with a quality, environmentally conscious brand.

Not only is Biolage’s packaging recyclable, they’ve also brought the best elements of nature into their products; infusing natural botanicals to create a line that’s luxurious, and makes you feel good for using it.

It’s good for me, good for my hair and good for the planet.

TJ: You’ve been quite vocal about your fitness transformation over the past few years. What prompted you to intensify your routine?

JS: I realised that my health is so important – it’s everything! – and I wasn’t making it a priority. Once I made that switch, there was a noticeable difference in my overall well-being and quality of life.

Making it a priority changed everything; I’m now more aware of what I put into my body, what I put onto my body and what I can get out of my body.

TJ: With such a busy lifestyle, how do you maintain your overall physical health and well-being?

JS: Make health a priority… and everything else can fit in around it. As part of my every day life, I try to prioritise exercise, sleep, drinking water, sneaking-in facials and listening to podcasts.

TJ: Are you a high or low maintenance at-home styler?

JS: I would say I’m low maintenance…

TJ: Any hair styling hacks you’d like to share with our readers?

JS:  When curling your hair, do not curl from the roots and do not curl the ends. Just bend in the middle and then brush out the curl. Good texture is everything. Spray with Biologe VolumeBloom Full Lift Volumizer Spray and you’re good to go!

TJ: Favourite hair and beauty look for a night out?

JS: For hair, it’s a natural, beachy wave – middle parted with lots of texture spray and hair spray for hold. For outfit, my go-to’s are a blazer, tee-shirt, jeans or skirt and comfortable shoes. With makeup, it’s a quick smokey eye and a bit of lip colour.

Basically an ‘extra’ version of what I would do on any given day.

TJ: Your talents of course range from blogging to styling to presenting… Where do you feel most at home creatively?

JS: That is very kind! Probably, Tea With Jules. Filming days are always my favourite days, and I get to use all of my skills. I feel better in front of a moving camera as opposed to a still one, as I love talking to people and hearing their stories – with the hope of these stories helping and inspiring others.

TJ: How do you choose potential projects and collaborations? Any creative or other forms you plan to delve into in the near future?

JS: If the project or brand aligns with my own values – it has to be authentic to my world. If I believe in what that product or brand represents, and it feels right to me, I am happy to represent their story.

Yes, I do have a target hit list – right now I have a writing project that melds all the experiences of all of my worlds at the moment!  Once I get through that deadline, I’ll focus on what else the future could bring…

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