Dark, moody and oh so sultry.


Change is in the air as we depart from Summer to Autumn, and De Lorenzo have us inspired to embrace this seasonal shift with the launch of their new Midnight Muse colour collection.

The dark and sultry Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign collection is a selection of four bespoke looks styled by De Lorenzo brand ambassador Brad Ngata. Utilising the brands own Nova 360° colour range, the collection embraces bold and sophisticated hues, ranging from fiery reds and soft feminine pastels to striking blues.

Madeline: Modern femininity and classic beauty combine in this breathtaking look. Voluminous waves are enhanced with striking pastel pink and rich purple hues, created with the Novasemi Hypnotic Pink, Ultra Violet and Crystal Clear tones. This bold, multi-tonal look has been created with the application of the Essential Treatments Oil Balance followed by shampooing and conditioning. The Instant Restructurant and Elements Motion were then applied throughout the hair, before blow drying and styling. For further volume, a combination of the Elements Quicksand and Elements Sandstorm was used before finalising the look with Elements Vapour Mist for shine and hold.

Beatrice: Sleek and sophisticated, this striking look showcases beautifully blended burgundy shades paired with smooth straight styling. A bespoke formula of the Novasemi Explosive Red and Atomic Orange shades was used to create the fiery tones. This red hot look was created by applying Instant Restructurant to the hair, before blow-drying and smoothing straight – separating the front section with a brush to create a strong middle part, and applying Elements Titanium to smooth, slick and frame the face. The look is completed with Elements Afterglow, to provide extra shine and showcase the striking red shades.

Elodie: Femininity abounds in the 60’s glamour inspired Blonde Bombshell look. With the use of De Lorenzo’s professional colour range, creamy blonde tones are created to fade from the natural blonde root and flow throughout to the icy blonde ends. This voluminous look was created by first applying the Instant Restructurant throughout the lengths before spritzing the DMAN Thickening Gel Spray to the roots, crown and top section of the hair for added volume and fullness. Once dry, the Elements Quicksand and Essential Treatments Absorb was applied for further texture and hold at the roots.

Borsha: The embodiment of the Midnight Muse collection, this rebellious look showcases individuality through a blunt textured bob. Deep raven roots create a strong base as vibrant blue glimmers created with the Novasemi Mystic Blue tone shine throughout the mid-lengths and ends. This Dark and sultry look  was achieved by firstly applying the Elements Motion evenly throughout the hair before blow-drying. Once dry, the Elements Quicksand was dispersed throughout the roots of the hair to thicken and volumise, whilst the use of Elements Granite cemented the look. The texturised chop is completed with a pinch of the Elements Titanium throught the ends to emphasise the colour definition.

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