It’s official. Tirelessly committed to caring for the world as they do our hair through their product range, the eco warriors at Aveda have officially joined the upper echelon of purpose-led businesses and have achieved  B Corp™ Certification.

Achieving B Corp Certification makes official what we as an industry were already well aware of – Aveda’s steadfast commitment to and  presence of accountability and transparency throughout its mission-driven business.

And as for the process behind achieving such a prestigious certification? A rigorous and extensive review of Aveda’s total environmental and social impact, closely assessed across five pillars: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. An overall impact score of 89.6 far exceeds the 50.9 average score of companies undergoing the assessment. Aveda will be held to high standards of accountability, undergoing a recertification process  every three years to update its impact assessment and recertify as a B Corp.

“A pioneer in sustainability since the founding of Aveda in 1978, achieving B Corp Certification affirms,  through an incredibly rigorous process, that Aveda adheres to the highest levels of social and  environmental performance,” explains Melissa Chelminiak, Director of Mission Partnerships and Engagement  at Aveda. “Aveda is proud to join a community of like-minded organizations who are driving a global  movement of business as a force for good.”

Once again proving just how much heart is in the haircare industry, we’d love to extend a huge TJM congratulations to Aveda on this incredible accomplishment. To learn more about Aveda’s sustainability initiatives, click here. visit