Maggie Marilyn took a virtual approach to AAFW showings yesterday, presenting a creative film in collaboration with new sustainable luxury line, R+Co Bleu. 

As always with Maggie Marilyn a pioneering approach was taken to the brand’s AAFW presentation this week, a unique virtual showing via creative film shot recently at The Range, Byron Bay.

The official hair sponsor was R+Co Bleu, the world’s current leader in sustainable haircare at a luxury level, thus making Paloma Rose Garcia the only choice for Hair Director.

“Maggie Marilyn and R+Co Bleu are really trying to redefine what modern luxury means – that is being able to give our customer a conscious, beautifully made product …  and that’s what we believe in at Maggie Marilyn; that we can still create beautiful clothes for our customer – garments that empower the wearer to have a lesser impact on the environment,” said Maggie Marilyn, Founder and Designer.

“This alignment means everything to me. Collaborations are one of our biggest pillars at PALOMA salon, so to work with brands and women who you connect with, the experience is so much deeper – and the outcome naturally reflects that,” says Paloma.

“This is not about ticking the ‘responsible’ box, this is about so much more. Maggie’s shows have been zero waste for years … she’s so progressive, and it is such a pleasure to be part of what they have created.”

The virtual showcase profiled five unique individuals for a diverse casting celebrating the strength and statement of all women. The hair design anchored on suitability – a representation of what each talent stands for, with one ‘hero’ look taking inspiration from iconic Princess Leia with a sweet centre-part and two low twisted buns sitting either side of the nape.

“There is an innocence about the looks … working with natural texture and the workability of new R+Co Bleu, everything came together organically and with a real sense of purpose,” said Paloma.

I think in this day and age, post COVID, everyone is so attuned to who you align with and when your values run so deep for the future (like mine), I would never work with a brand without likeminded values.

Paloma Rose Garcia

Informed by Garren and the R+Co Collective’s decades of knowledge built in-salon, on-set and backstage, the new range merges editorial and salon styling in the first ground-breaking portfolio of clean, sustainable luxury haircare. Colour and UV safe, comprised of 100% PCR material and free of glutens, parabens, sulfate, mineral oil and petrolatum, R+Co Bleu boasts an exclusive Molecule Complex whereby sugar molecules gradually deliver homogenous active ingredients to the inner and surface of hair follicles to repair and revive damaged hair.

“It’s such an incredible range … basically the most sustainable (luxury) product line on the planet right now (they donate a portion of every product sold to global reforestation efforts!). What I also love as a stylist, is the products’ passion for hair health courtesy of such unique science. They’re lighter in finish and hold – cushiony, nothing starchy – which opens the floor to product layering and brushable results leaving minimal residue and zero harm,” she says.

The line is compact yet considered and takes a notable departure from the original Cali-cool personality. Primary green, blue and royal purple define architectural exteriors demanding front and centre retail life.

Earmarked for a September 2021 Australian launch, we’re predicting huge demand for this product and its supporting professionals.

For more information, enquire here.