The looks continued storming down the runway on Day 2 of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW). From the cool girl energy served up at Ixiah to the intricate stylings at Maggie Marilyn and even a Masterclass thrown in, it was full steam ahead for the fashion pack.

Check out our Day 2 #HairHighlights below!

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Two industry superstars – stylist to the stars Richard Kavanagh and colour queen Sheree Knobel – took to the stage for Redken’s AAFW Hair Masterclass, providing attendees the opportunity to learn directly from the experts all of the runway-ready tips and tricks needed to unlock their best hair yet. 

This consumer facing event was an exciting venture for the Redken team, providing them the opportunity to educate at a consumer level and provide a sneak peak into the wonderful world that is the hairdressing industry.

“Guests often come in quite confused and we wanted to give them the tools they need, so that when they do come into the salon they are armed and ready to really get the most out of their consultation with their hairdresser,” says Sheree, of what she hoped audience members would take away from the event.

As well as getting the audience familiarised with how to maximise the success of their salon visit, there were some unexpected moments of audience interaction… And even a fashion-infused game show!

“We dropped a few bombs on them,” laughed Richard. “I ran a live game show where I showed them the look we did on Monday night for Romance Was Born, taught them how to do it and got some volunteers to recreate it.”

Touching on all things hair – from runway to real life –  the Redken Masterclass was as inspirational as it was educational and an unmissable experience on the packed AAFW 2021 Schedule!

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Think cool girl in Paris, and you’re on the money with looks served up at IXIAH’s Joi de Vivre Resort 22 show.

It was all about the intricate layering of product, max levels of texture and working with the quirks of each individual model to achieve that certain je ne sais quoi synonymous with the French.

“What we’ve done for the IXIAH show is bring this real cool girl energy to the hair,” says De Lorenzo Ambassador and IXIAH Hair Director Brad Ngata. “We’ve added a lot of texture using the De Lorenzo Densifyer and the Quicksand, which are both mattifying products. 

“We assessed each of the girl’s hair, and really worked with the quirks. If they’ve got little kicks or bends to the hair, we wanted to lean in and work with that. We wanted this to look like the kind of cool girl that you would see on the streets of Paris, rocking her thing.”

Hoping to recreate the look at home or in the salon? “The secret to the look is the layering of the products,” Brad explained. “So at this instance at a show, we are constantly tweaking the girls hair before they go out and the hair hits a certain tipping point where it’s just cool and has the exact right texture.”

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An effortless classic ‘ponied up’ with horizontal sides for a strike of modernity at Day 2’s Ginger & Smart show.

In partnership with KMS and no stranger to backstage, Hair Director Ali Holmes, the show teetered the ultimate balance between soft and strong with contemporary suiting, tiered skirting, balloon sleeves and a fresh spring palette popping with meadow yellow, rust, peppermint and sage.

Hair followed suit with a low slung pony pierced with fingerholes throughout for that lust after DIY effect.

“They really wanted to avoid overworking the hair with heat styling, so it was mainly finger-work and KMS product to build the base and allude to the idea that she’s created the look herself,” said Ali.

Through the sides however, a soft horizontal structure or sense of ‘modernity’ for that masculine-feminine strike.

Handy elastic and barber tape held and compressed the personalised pony until the final moments where each was removed, allowing invisible thread-work and the power of KMS to keep it all together.

The hair heroes on the day? KMS Thermashape 2-in-1 for that horizontal effect, KMS Hybrid Clay Wax for all-important hold and the ultimate security blanket, KMS Hairstay Working Spray – applied all over.



Forget winter because summer was well and truly in the air at Oroton’s Resort 22 Collection, with feel good hair the key look on display! 

“We have created a very summery and light airy vibe but still reflecting the natural texture of the hair,” explained Hair Director John Pulitano. “The hair is natural yet elevated with a luxurious feel to it.”

For those looking to recreate this light and breezy look, simply accentuate the hair’s natural wave with O&M Atomic Thickening Spritz applied through the roots and then smoothed down to the ends. From here create a ‘S’ bend down from the roots, and then use a pea-sized amount of O&M Project Sukuroi Smoothing Balm from the mid-lengths down to create soft texture throughout.

Simple, stylish and summery… Quintessentially Oroton!

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