We’ve well and truly hit the ground running on AAFW Day 2 with jaw-dropping geometry at Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, unbridled creativity at Erik Yvon and Wynn Hamlyn’s annual masterclass in cutting edge cool. Here’s what you missed across the second day in Australia’s biggest celebration of all things fashion.


Unique embellishments in the hair and a free-spirited approach to runway ready looks defined the hair direction from Oscar Oscar’s Jacky Chan and Adam McIntosh at Erik Yvon, capturing the unbridled creativity of the clothing for which Erik Yvon is revered.

Said Redken Hair Directors Jacky Chan and Adam McIntosh, “Today’s show was inspired by volcanoes, masculinity, ceramic art and darkness all brought to life through embellishments and final touches on each model.”

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Ever an annual calling to the cool kids at AAFW, the ’23 Wynn Hamlyn show – held on the fifth level of a carpark in a go-karting rink, no less – was no exception. As for the hair, it was all about chic, considered texture with a grunge finish for Wella Professionals Guest Artist and Hair Director Keiren Street.

“It’s all about chic, considered texture,” explained Wella Professionals Guest Artist and Hair Director Keiren Street of his vision for the show. “Our aim here is to create a romantic look that works with the narrative of the collection – remember to keep layering your product and having fun!”

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Think rock and roll with a refined elegance, and you have an idea of the stunning hair direction for Bianca Spender, as imagined by Goldwell Hair Director Jason Fassbender. “We wanted to create hair with a rock and roll edge, nothing too pretty or perfect and inspired by the 90s cool girl vibe,” Jason says of his vision. “The faux fringe is a lot of fun, juxtaposing the softness of the collection, while looking polished from the back.”

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Less hair styles than sculptured works of art hit the Iordanes Spyridon Gogos catwalk at Carriageworks, helmed by Redken’s visionary Hair Director Richard Kavanagh. With a heavy emphasis on artistic structure and pushing the hair well past the realm of what one would ordinarily dream, Richard looked to geometry and his close collaboration with the designer for inspiration in hair direction.

“What Jordan and I discussed was for us to creatively collaborate openly and freely. He asked me to really think about pushing the boundaries of creativity, and when I felt like I was close to the edge… To just jump off. We really went with three key themes in terms of concepts. One is based off a motif (that of a bear and a trogan horse) that runs through the collection, the second being a geometric motif featuring crazy geometric sculptures that the models all wear on their heads and the third is this idea of future punk. It’s really an artistic collaboration between the designer and my hair direction.

“As for my hero product, it’s got to be the Max Hold Hairspray. Look at this shit… Absolute hair for DAYS.”

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Renya Xydis created looks that complemented each model’s hair and Quan’s pieces, leaning into adding volume to short and curly hair, while longer locks were boosted with extensions to create impact and thickness. Each look was pretty, gritty and included lots of volume and texture.

“Hair is really pretty and we have gritted it up with the product around the hairline,” explains Renya of her hair direction for the Anna Quan collection. “We wanted it to look solid, textured but still moveable and shiny. It’s pretty, powerful and perfectly undone.”

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Inspired by the evolution of Gary Bigeni’s brand over the past 20 years, the hair on display was effortless and androgynous with a stunning editorial finish. Explains O&M Hair Director John Pulitano of his vision for Gary Bigeni, “The hair is editorial, effortless and androgynous. It’s masculine from the front, feminine from the back. We created a very streamlined look that is lifted at the roots of the hairline, then smoothed and softened towards the back.”

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