From the ‘80s gothic punk at INJURY, beautifully soft natural textures at Ngali or the aero-dynamics on display for Marriam Seddiq, here’s our Wrap of AAFW Day 3.


Aero-dynamic, yet simple and elegant defined the direction of the looks for Marriam Seddiq, quite literally crafted -with the help of a lot of wire- by Hair Director Madison Voloshin and the Davroe team.

“You’ll see from the hair today that what we have done for Marriam’s collection is create looks that are very aero-dynamic, yet simple and sleek,”explains Davroe Hair Director Madison Voloshin. “Each girl is very customised in terms of look – some with veils, and some with wire in the ends so we can bend up and down.”

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Stunning natural textures and intricate threading served as hair look for Kevin Murphy’s collaboration with Ngali this season as directed by Paloma Rose Garciam with a beautifully soft texture through the hair a hero look. “This is such a beautiful collaboration between Ngali and Kevin Murphy, working with hair and its natural texture,” elaborates Paloma. “My main hero products are Anti.Gravity spray, Full.Again lotion and Doo.Over which creates such a beautiful and soft texture through the hair.”

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A truly unique AAFW experience each and every year, INJURY once again pushed creativity to extremities with the hair and beauty looks that stormed the runway. This year’s overarching theme as imagine by Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh? 80 gothic future punk. “INJURY always like thematic elements in their shows – very future punk,” Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh explains of the jaw-dropping looks. “What we’ve done with the hair is reference ‘80s goth punk with the looks and referenced people like Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith from The Cure with a little bit of Sid Viscous mixed in.”

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It was all about knots – in the right way – plus fabrics and textures, according to O&M Hair Director Pauline McCabe. “The inspiration for the hair is a slightly punk and grungy aesthetic to offset the feminine and delicate designs of the collection,” Pauline explains. “The hairs’ edgy style draws attention to the clothes, at the same time it complements the Joslin spirit.”

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Imagine the frequency of sound waves, as imagined through hair direction, and you have Ben Martin’s hair direction of Karla Spetic for O&M. “The hair gives a free and floating feel, making it effortless and accessible, stamped with a hint of texture,” Ben says of his unique vision. “Inspired by the music that will be played during the show, the hair textures represent sound waves, whilethe straight part-lines nod to the collection’s gem print designs.”

“The ethereal, long and beautiful looks that were created with the Atonic Hair Thickening Spritz, Original Queenie and Surf Bomb.”

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