What an absolute whirlwind of a week… Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Afterpay Australian Fashion Week certainly ended with a bang on Days 4 and 5 of the eagerly anticipated celebration of all things Australia fashion.

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A finale unlike any before it, the AAFW closing show made history with 90 models, 16 designers and perhaps one of the most diverse castings fashion has seen, globally.

And who better to meet the brief of 90 individual hair looks than leading lady, Di Gorgievski and official hair partner, Redken.

The purpose as hair director tonight is to really embrace diversity and highlight the texture defining each individual … this involves finishing each talent with considered application of heat styling, prep and styling products,” starts Di.

“So, if the canvas is straight, make it stick straight, if it’s really curly, enhance that bend and use the diffuser. If it’s volume we’re amplifying, then its’s all about Redken’s incredible styling range to really bump it up.”

A backstage icon across the globe, Redekn has essentially been pushing for greater diversity since, well … it launched. One of the few portfolios that in itself promotes full inclusivity with formulas that define curl, defy gravity, push volume and amplify shine like no other.

“I believe it’s the only range in the world to truly support full diversity in texture … Redken is a fashion brand, so it helps us to create the best fashion looks we can, no matter the hair type,” says Di.

“Tonight we’re celebrating humanity in all its shape, texture and colour … this is NOT a one-look fits all approach, in fact this mindset was made redundant many seasons ago.”

“It’s so refreshing to work with individuality – the characteristics that make each talent who they are, that make them interesting – this is what it’s all about.”

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Glamour transcending from day to night was key in the styles created for the Manning Cartell Resort 22 showing.

With natural textures elevated through key Redken products and ghd styling tools, and then accessorised with glimmers of gold chain woven through, it was a truly show stopping look to finish out Day 4 of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

“The inspiration really comes from the transition from day to night,” says Manning Cartell Hair Director Pauline McCabe. “It’s that beautiful transition of light, and the colours that come across, that was really the driving force behind tonight’s hair direction for Manning Cartell.”

“We wanted to create a real day to night look and have it look as though the models have run their hands through their hair, which leaves them with this gorgeous look… There’s a real rawness to this look.

“I’m using Redken Mousse to create the texture in the hair, and then I’m going to use a little bit of the Redken Gel Mousse so that it stays nice and tight and keeps an organic texture on top.

“In terms of tools, our key product is the ghd Helios Professional Dryer and Diffuser, so that we can really enhance the texture of the hair.”


It was all about pared back looks and an all-out celebration of the unique natural beauty of the models at RUMER’s catwalk debut, presenting their Resort 22 Collection as part of AAFW. Summery day style perfect for the relaxed Aussie girl, RUMER on the street is that there’s a new cool girl label in town.

Reflecting the relaxed nature of the collection were the looks created to bring to life the RUMER girl. “The hair look created was all about raw organic beauty, it is about giving the hair the freedom to sit in a natural way and giving the women confidence to wear it that way,” says O&M’s (and RUMER Hair Director) John Pulitano.

“It is about individuality and following what the hair naturally does, seeing how the hair reacts first and working on it to enhance the natural texture and movement in a feminine and sophisticated way.”

Creating the look was super simple, with hair settled using water to release its natural texture. O&M Atomic Spray is then applied to the hair, followed by a touch of O&M Surf Bomb. Flyaways are then enhanced using O&M Desert Dry. The look is finished with a pea sized amount of O&M Project Sukori Balm rubbed through the hair to enhance separation.


Hosted at Sydney’s Sennheiser store, the message of responsible fashion was indeed loud and clear with printed fabrication notes, nature-inspired graphics and a soft undulating wave in the hair.

“The brief here is ‘individual’ – really supernatural, very undone … our hero products are the O&M No Knot and Atomic; together working to really enhance the girls’ natural texture,” said O&M Hair Director, Pauline McCabe.

“We’re considering each girl as they come and adjusting the style to suit them … meaning anyone can wear this look.”

The two-part hair brief asked for a look ‘In Bloom,’ to which Pauline responded with a soft undulating bend at the front … “almost like a petal effect.”

This said, the finish had to almost float down the runway making the highly workable, brushable texture of O&M an ultimate fit for this fashion showcase.

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