Having perfected that illusive  balance of high performance and  progressive artistry, the Rogue Beauty team have their sights set firmly on the future.  

With many an exciting project  in the pipeline, newly appointed National Education Manager Aaron Middleton gives us an  inside look at what is shaping up  to be a very exciting 2022 for this  group of innovators.

TJ: What’s next for Rogue  Beauty in 2022?

AM: In 2022, we’re changing  pace and our biggest dream  is set to become a reality with  the opening of Rogue Studios.  A creative space in the heart of  Darlinghurst, we’ll be working  with the Rogue community to educate, inspire, create, and  shoot together. We’re not about  a cookie cutter approach and  duplicating what’s already been  done. We want to try and make  things a little bit different.

We’re also launching a portfolio  of education that speaks to the  needs of the industry. You are  about to see the Rogue Beauty  brand hit a new level.

TJ: Can you chat us through  the Rogue community, and  how it has grown?

AM: Since Rogue Beauty began  in 2014, the business, the brands,  and the community have grown  together, and moving into 2022 we empower our community  of artists to push themselves  further with their own talents and education ideas.

Our brands and our products  surpass expectations of performance, sustainability, and  ethics with modern and clean  formulas that the hairdresser and  the salon guests are looking for  today. Every salon is different and  with each salon and each stylist  within comes a different set of  objectives and needs. We’re so  proud of the incredible salons  that we get to work with every  day and our goal is to help realise  their individual goals and dreams.

The Rogue community is a big  part of what makes Rogue so  special. Bringing like-minded  people together to share,  inspire and grow in business  and creativity is how we ensure a strong and resilient  future for our industry.

TJ: Why is education so important to Rogue Beauty?

AM: Education and training are  how we interact, how we engage  as a community and how we  inspire one another. Coming  from a year or so of limited  interactions, we still feel it is so important to deliver inspiring  workshop sessions with our  community artists.

We believe Australian hairdressing is of the highest  standards in the world, and  we have a country full of role  models and thought leaders.  Everyone needs a role model, and Rogue Beauty is committed to providing access to these leaders  and role models in the hopes of  inspiring the next generation of  talented hairdressers, artists, and  leaders to continue the journey.

Keen to get involved, and join the exciting world of Rogue Beauty? CLICK HERE to register your interest, and the RB team will put you in  contact with your local Brand  Manager to discuss what products would work well for your business and team!

Everyone needs a role model, Rogue Beauty  is committed to providing access to these leaders and role models in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of talented hairdressers, artists, and leaders to continue the journey.”

Aaron Middleton, National Education Manager.